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Wheelbarrow operator kills Hijacker in Paynesville

Inhabitants of the Parker Paint Community in Paynesville woke up over the weekend to news surrounding the alleged killing of a notorious hijacker identified as Sackey Nelson by a wheelbarrow operator to be identified.

Witnesses spoken to on the scene where the remains of the victim commonly known as “Body Man” was have said that the deceased was responsible for most of the night – time hijacking of victims’ handbags, cell phones and valuables in the area. Witnesses Mohammed Sesay, Sidikee Mah and Louis Stewart say Body Man allegedly hijacked the unidentified wheelbarrow operator when he met his demise.

They say the wheelbarrow operator was returning home from Redlight where he usually go to transport people’s loads when a scuffle ensued between he and the hijacker.

According to the witnesses’ account, the wheelbarrow operator overpowered Body Man after stabbing him with the deceased’s own knife. They further narrate that a day before Body Man was killed, he was being hunted by some people whose uncle from Guinea had been hijacked and robbed of all of his belongings including a suitcase in the same Redlight.

They say Body Man transferred his criminal activities in the Parker Paint surroundings, attacking and robbing people with impunity. His corpse has been buried by some community people due to his overstay in the area to avoid pollution.

By Emmanuel Mondaye–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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