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Anti-graft official quits

-Over acute pay delays

Liberia Anti – Corruption Commission (LACC) Comptroller J. BenardNagbe has resigned his post, saying he can no more continue “this useless sacrifice to the LACC, the Liberian people and the Government.”

Mr. Nagbe indicates in his resignation letter dated 25 November, and addressed to the LACC Board indicates that it is better he has no job, than have a job and appear irresponsible to everyone he has business relationship [with].

“I owe almost everyone in Liberia and I can no more endure this degree difficulty,” he says in a rather strongly worded resignation letter.Mr. Nagbe’s resignation comes at a time President George MannehWeah’s regime faces economic woes, as public servants and civil servants go several months without pay.

The private sector is also hit by the economic calamity here, as businesses struggle without solutions, while commercial banks run out of local currencies, adding more frustration to depositors’ problems at a time they need money their money.A protest recently rocked the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) where employees have not been paid their salaries for months, just as it is in other government ministries and agencies.

In the wake of the financial crisis here, the anti – graft institution’s official, Mr. Nagbe says he is constrained to tender in his resignation on grounds of uncertainty with his salary and benefits.“I am not receiving my remuneration on time and my service to the Government and people of Liberia is not for free,” he adds.

“That’s just in simple term. I owe my life, career and service to my country but ultimately my family comes first. I have never had this experience in my professional life and never am I [prepared] to endure this nonsense,” Mr. Nagbe continues.He stresses that he cannot and will not work without pay. He indicates that he is aware of the critical responsibility associated with his work at the Commission, but the wellbeing of his family and him comes first. By Winston W. Parley

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