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Brumskine poised to win

Presidential hopeful Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine of the opposition Liberty Party is pretty seated and poised to win next Tuesday’s (October 10th ) 2017 presidential election here with latest poll rating placing him ahead of major candidates in the race for the presidency.

This is no illusion, as it is barely three days from now when Liberian electorate go to the poll to unfold the reality in what is expected to be a history-making event for the man, who has remained very consistent and passionate about his capacity to lead Liberia out of the dungeon of bad governance characterized by corruption, lack of transparency and accountability.

Brumskine wants to considerably reduce illiteracy and poverty in Liberia. To achieve this, he vows to make education free both at primary and secondary levels, if elected as well as increase teachers’ salary to maintain qualified personnel in the classroom.

A lawyer with career experience spanning over 40 years both in Liberia and under United States jurisprudence, he does not pinch his words about what he intends to do immediately upon hitting the grounds of the Executive Mansion, pledging to cut his own salary by 30 percent and similarly those of his top officials to redirect such funds to vulnerable sectors of the economy.

He wants to change Liberia by taking the money from the hands of few elites in Monrovia to invest it across the country, but reminds that it cannot be done without the help of Liberians.

“I need a mandate from the Liberian people so that the country can change and change for the good of Liberians”, he pleads, and continues, “It is time for the old people to enjoy their retirement benefit, it’s time for our children to have free education, it’s time to take government money from the big shots and invest in the average people.”

The LP says it is not taking anything for granted in these elections in its resolve to retire the governing Unity Party at the ballot box. LP Chairman Benjamin Sanvee, notes that the party is underestimating the appetite for change in Liberia, and predicts that the UP will not reach a runoff if there were to be one.

“Look Boakai, the people are going to be very shocked. They’re going to be very shocked, you know they’re underestimating the level and the appetite for change in this country”, Sanvee says, and continues, “most of the people who were driven to go and vote, they vote for the top of the ticket, so in mine estimation, Vice President Boakai [doesn’t have] one vote to start on. At least Brumskine was third and came fourth, at least. So wherever he’s starting from he can start from that.”

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The UP is beset by serious internal rift that has left it with a broken spinal cord, diminishing its strength to up a political fight, a situation that is working in favor of the Liberty Party.

Cllr. Brumskine received overwhelming reassurance recently from his kinsmen in Grand Bassa County when young and old folks, career and ordinary people lined up the streets and corners of Buchanan in euphoria to receive him in the country.

Grand Bassa, considered as the political stronghold of the LP strongman proved its loyalty and solidarity with the elative reception accorded his arrival as partisans and supporters vow to this time around take Brumskine to the Executive Mansion, official residence of the Liberian Presidency.

The youths could not hold back their songs and slogans, as they chanted, “We are walking to the Mansion; this is our time; I got mind made up for Brumskine, no turning back, our kind will be the next President,” among others.

In a special statement issued recently, following a U.S. Congressional hearing on “The Future of Democracy and Governance in Liberia”, Cllr. Brumskine welcomes what he terms strong interest and support from the United States, as well as recognition of the unique bond between America and Liberia that share intertwined histories and peoples.

He says the upcoming election is undoubtedly a watershed moment for Liberia as it will be the first transfer of power via the ballot box since the elections of 1943, and very likely the first time power is democratically transferred from a ruling party to an opposition political party since 1870.

“This is a moment when we need our friends most, because nothing should be taken for granted in Liberia – least of all our democracy, stability and peace”, he notes.

-Story by Jonathan Browne

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