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Dillon wins senatorial seat

-Telia Urey leads District#15

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The National Elections Commission officially declares opposition Liberty Party (LP’s) candidate Abraham Darius Dillon winner of the July 29 Montserrado County Senatorial by-election, while opposition All Liberian Party (ALP) Representative candidate for electoral district #15 Ms Telia Urey is ahead of governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC’s) Abu Bana Kamara 42.68 percent to 41.48 percent.

NEC Chairman Cllr. Jerome George Korkoya told a news conference on 2 July that Independent candidate Cooper, Macdella Mackie obtains total votes of 4,540, amounting to 2.47 percent followed by Dukuly, Mohammed Ayoub of VOLT, 4,700 votes or 2.55 percent; Enders, Samuel Reagen, Independent candidate, 2,699 votes, amounting to 0.47 percent; Kanyon, Massa Massaquoi, Independent candidate, 883 votes, representing 0.48 percent; Weeks, Kimmie L. Independent candidate obtained 4,628, representing 2.52 percent, and Wie, Paulita C. C. of the Coalition for Democratic Change, 63,971 votes, amounting to 34.77 percent, respectively.

Chairman Korkoya puts total votes cast in the Montserrado County Senatorial by-election at 186,978 with valid votes at 183,970, and 3,008 invalid votes, respectively.

For the District#15 by-election, Cllr. Korkoya discloses that Bayoh, Kelvin Morris, Independent candidate obtains 652 votes, amounting to 4.99 percent; Fahnbulleh, Sr., Erasmus Daoda (VOLT) 193 votes, amounting to 1.48 percent; Frank, Bishop Siebo Independent candidate, 22 votes, which represents 0.17 percent; Kamara, Lamenu Chapy, True Whig Party, 88 votes or 0.67 percent, and Tubor, Jr., Amos Nyanwleh (CLP) 1, 114 votes, which represents 8.53 percent, respectively.

With the declaration of Mr. Dillon as winner of the senatorial poll, it means the NEC has announced final results from all 1,790 polling places or 100% of all polling places in Montserrado County for the Senatorial By-election.

However, in the District #15 Representative By-election, the Commission releases provisional results from 74 of the 94 polling places, which represent results from 78.7 percent of the total polling places in the district, while results from the remaining 20 polling places which constitute 21.3 percent of polling places are currently quarantined, pending outcome of an investigation into complaints currently being conducted by the NEC Independent Dispute Hearing Office.

“Let me remind you that these complaints were filed by Mr. Geeplay Seedey G. Monboe of the Telia Urey/ALP Campaign Team at four precincts with codes: 30136, 30135, 30186, and 30437. The second set of complaints was filed by Candidate Bishop Slebo Frank at precincts with codes 30188 and 30132”, Chairman Korkoya explains. By Emmanuel Mondaye-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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