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Don’t elect ‘cow poopoo politicians’

Mr. Alexander B. Charlie, the man named by Unity Party Vice Standard Bearer Emmanuel Nuquay, as his successor in Margibi District#5, is admonishing voters in the district not to elect those he refers to as “cow poopoo politicians.”

Mr. Nuquay, who is Speaker of the House of Representatives and represents Margibi distruct#5, recently announced Mr. Alexander B. Charlie to replace him at the national legislature.

Speaking to citizens at the Blomu Public School in Dinning-Ta Clan, in Margibi district#5 thru the Kpelleh vernacular, he explains that cow poopoo politicians are those politicians whose appearances and speeches are totally different from their real intentions.

He says cow manure usually appears to be dried on the surface, but it is very dangerous or watery beneath, noting that there are lots of propagandists in the race in Margibi District, who claim to be good politicians and they are now telling lies that they think would convince the electorate to elect them.

Mr. Charlie continues that such politicians have ulterior motives and they would not do anything tangible for the people. He says although they may have the privilege to meet and talk with citizens during the campaign period, but citizens should look beyond their ordinary appearances and speeches, some of which, he warns, might sound very good for listening, but far from truth.

The district#5 candidate, who is President of the Dinning-ta Clan Youth and CEO of ABC Foundation Liberia Limited, says the characteristics such politicians are similar to cow manure.

By Ramsey N. Singbeh, Jr, in Margibi-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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