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Lord, teach us to number our days

Dear Father:
My cousin, who happens to be a pastor, always, had this joke about me when he tried to stir up his congregation or whenever he was preaching the good news to someone.

He often told them, I don’t know if he still does that though, but he often told them using me as an example how the death of close friends always draws me closer to God than ever before.

You see, Father, it’s like that many of us won’t act till something happens and when it does, we try to reflect swabbing places in our heads and sometimes consciously or unconsciously asking the big “why if.”

Father, the truth is I am not alone in this sort of reflection. The sudden death of a close family member or a friend often leaves us wondering how much time do we have left. The thing is the Old Man up there is no longer in the business of sending prophets to warn us ahead of our departures.

If I can vividly recalled only one man had such an opportunity and that was King Hezekiah, to whom God sent the Prophet Isaiah to inform him to put his house in order because he was about to die.

Besides that Father, nowhere in the Good Old Book it is written that a person was warned of his departure from the face of mother earth-it has never been and it will never be.

But why am I reflecting on all of this. I mean, I should be telling you about the Pro-poor agenda in our village, right Father? I should be telling you about what is going on with the Footballer and his many promises.

But it’s like my Cousin said, when a close friend of mine leaves in a way that I can’t describe especially when we were just together the other day then it leaves me wondering about my own life and how much time do I have left.

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Regardless about what many may think of him, yes we have lost a giant in the family of the Pen Pushers, a very brilliant young man. We served as panelists on several talk-shows and even share podiums addressing similar issues of concerns to the inky fraternity.

Yes, within a blink of an eye, he no longer belongs to us but to the ashes. KAK as he was affectionately called is no longer with us-yes Father. Just last week, we all addressed the meeting between the Footballer and the heads if the Pen Pushers’ family at the Footballer’s displaced camp. If only we knew that it would have been our final meeting with him, I don’t know what I would have told him though trust me. But I would have asked him to stay a little bit longer.

And don’t ask me why Father, because gone with him are ideas and strategies, knowledge that he could have written down in books that he didn’t. He was really an organizer and knew the issues. He presented them without being acrimonious.

No matter how tense the debates were, KAK presented them in a more professional way that even his opponent saw the wisdom in his presentation without being offended. He was the people’s guy. He could relate with any pen pusher. He will be missed.

Yes, he will. He left us. As I saw the images from his departure one thing that touched me was that even at his departure, he was celebrated. The birds sang as the trees clapped their hands celebrating his life even if many didn’t take notice, the birds and the trees also paid their homages. Farewell brother. Our only request right now is Lord; please teach us to number our days.

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