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Drugs peddler sentenced to 18 months

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A 47-year-old man has been convicted by the Harper Magisterial Court for being in possession of unlicensed narcotic substances in Maryland County sentenced to 18 months imprisonment at the Harper Central Prison.

The Harper Magistrate court put the 50 kilograms Marijuana arrested from Nelson Tarpeh at over 31,000 Liberia Dollars.Convict Nelson Tarpeh was sentenced for the crime after he admitted to transporting and selling illegal substances in Newkru Town, Harper City, Maryland County.

Appearing before Magistrate Dweh Morgan, Tarpeh pleaded for mercy after confessing to the crime, disclosing that he has been in the drugs business for more than 10 years, which has enabled him to sustain himself and his family.

“I begged the Court to please let me go because I have sold this for over 10 years now, and from the selling, all of my children are in school, including feeding my family, so if I am locked up, who will feed my family again?” He asked.

“I think if they let me go, the little money I have I will get into different business for my family and I to live, rather than locking me up even though, I know it is my doing”, Tarpeh expressed in court after he was arraigned to answer questions to the charge brought against him.

But despite his confession, Magistrate Morgan handed down a guilty verdict thereby, sentencing him. Meanwhile, the commander of the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency in Maryland County Joseph Dean has lauded the court for the judgment.

Commander Dean noted that the sentencing of drugs sellers and users will serve as deterrence to would-be substance dealers and abusers in the county.
He revealed that Tarpeh was arrested after his office launched an operation code-named “Dragnet” early August 20,2020 aimed at tracking down drug users, dealers and importers.

The LDEA commander said Tarpeh’s arrest has brought great relief to residents of Newkru Town, who have repeatedly complained to the LDEA about his activities.

“We launched the operation to get those guys arrested who are constantly spoiling our peaceful citizens and thank God we caught one who is a major importer of drugs in Maryland County.”

Commander Dean however noted that several constraints need to be addressed to raid the county of dangerous drugs, including providing logistics for the LDEA.

By Patrick N. Mensah, Maryland

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