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GC holds education, health forum

The Governance Commission (GC) began a three – day civic education forum on electoral environment on Thursday, 14 September at the Mamba Point Hotel in Monrovia.

The education forum seeks to provide an opportunity where politicians, citizens, and experts on electoral matters can give information that ensures political education of citizens.

Addressing the audience at the formal opening of the education and health forum Thursday, Governance Commission (GC) Executive Director Mr. Stephen Manley said participants were invited to share ideas and discuss the most important aspect of nation building.

He says a healthy and educated Liberia must be taken into consideration as the participants gathered at the forum, saying their efforts to put on the table Liberia’s quest, for a healthy and educated society is focused where Liberia belongs.

Also giving the overview of the forum the, Acting Commissioner of the Governance Commission Mrs. Elizabeth Sele Mulbah said political success or development is perceived to be a question of a moral integrity of leaders, rather than skillful maneuvering in the challenging political and economic environment characterized by constraints.

According to her, these factors create incentives for candidates to make unrealistic promises and undermine the reputation of political rivals.

The GC Acting Commissioner cautions politicians here for the proper use of the word “free,” saying messages of “free education, free health care among others is being heard.

But she warns that it is known here that nothing under this sun is free, adding that somebody somewhere pays the prize.

She urges Liberian politicians to study the terrain to know what they have and what they don’t have in order to make a good promise that is sustainable, achievable, and believable.

By Lewis S. The–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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