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GVL sponsors surgical outreach in Gd./Kru

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaGolden Veroleum Liberia has sponsored week-long free surgical operations in Grand Kru County, southeast Liberia, targeting more than 120 citizens with various health problems.

According to a press release, the exercise was conducted by the Liberia Surgical Outreach Program (LISOP) at the Rally Town Hospital in Grand Cess, Grand Kru County.

During the operations, individuals with various illness, including hernia, hydroceles, goiters, uterus, and fibroids were treated. The program, which exceeded its target of 100 persons, included pre and post-surgical treatment, feeding of patients and transportation of targeted beneficiaries to and from their respective villages and towns by Golden Veroleum Liberia.

Beneficiaries in separate remarks expressed heartfelt gratitude to LISOP for the free surgeries and lauded GVL for the sponsorship, noting that if not for LISOP and GVL, they wouldn’t have been relieved of their illnesses.

“This program shows that GVL cares not just for its employees but its project communities as well. The company social programs continue to impact the lives of us the poor people. We cannot allow anything to make the company to leave.” said spokesman Guffred N. Dweh, on behalf of the patients.

Grand Kru County Superintendent Madam Elizabeth Dempster, thanked GVL for its continuous support to LISOP in conducting free surgeries in the county. She noted that the program has significantly brought medical reliefs to hundreds of citizens and residents in Grand Kru County, and reaffirmed the county leadership’s support.

“We want to thank LISOP and GVL for conducting these free surgeries for our people. This has restored the lost hopes of many of our citizens”, said Superintendent Dempster.

LISOP Lead Surgeon and Chairman of the Board, Senator Dr. Peter Coleman said, GVL’s sponsorship of the surgical intervention does not only show its commitment to corporate social responsibility, but care of improving the livelihood of citizens of the county.

Dr. Coleman said LISOP, a local None-Governmental Organization (NGO) was established in 2000 by a group of professional health workers, including surgeons, anesthetics and nurses for the purpose of providing free surgical services to rural dwellers, who cannot afford to foot bills for such medical services.

Mr. Darius Doe, GVLs community communicator in Grand Kru, said, “LISOP is the kind of partner we appreciate working with. The team is highly qualified, professional and committed, bringing top surgical skills to Grand Kru regularly.”

He added, “GVL sends employees and family members in need of urgent medical care even to Monrovia using one of the company ambulances. But bringing some of Liberia’s best surgeons, specialists and nurses to the County makes high quality care available to all citizens.” Press Release

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