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I wasn’t forced for sex

The teenage girl allegedly raped and trafficked to Nigeria by a Nigerian Pastor defendant Revival Womo Sam has told Criminal Court “C” Judge Roosevelt Z. Willie that the accused did not force her to have sex with her.

In her testimony in-camera (not allowed to be seen) Thursday, 21 February at the Temple of Justice, the victim says she was 14 years old the first time Prophet Revival Womo Sam allegedly had sex with her.

The victim who may now be in her15 years testified that she was never a virgin when she had her first sex with Prophet Sam. However she did not say who may have had prior encounter with her.

The court heard that she gave birth last November to a girl child that she claims to be the daughter of defendant Sam.

“I traveled with him (defendant Sam) to Nigeria because the Prophet said I had a gift of God in me to find wife for him,” the victim explains.

The Pastor who runs the Global Revival Movement has been indicted for statutory rape, trafficking in person and kidnapping of a girl placed in his care by her mother for spiritual cleansing while the victim was just 12 years old back in 2016.

He has been indicted for Kidnapping, trafficking in person and statutory rape. But the Criminal Court “C” this week transferred the statutory rape charge under the jurisdiction of the Criminal Court “E” which has exclusive jurisdiction over all sexual offense cases.

In a rather disturbing encounter outside the court, an extreme loyalist of defendant Sam verbally attacked our staff with insults for photographing the indicted Prophet that was being taken in handcuff back to detention at the Monrovia Central Prison by correction officers.

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The furious female rudely extended the insults to the parents of anyone, including colleagues of our staff that tried to disagree with her ill-mannered approach against our staff for doing his work.

As she gives unsuccessful instructions for Prophet Sam to destroy our staff’s phone to avoid his picture from being published. The indicted Prophet was however captured on camera in his orange prison suit being whisked into the correction officer’s vehicle to be held at the Central Prison where he comes from daily for the hearing of the case.

Earlier in the courtroom, the victim in the kidnap and human trafficking case testified that Prophet Sam didn’t tell her anything before having sex with her.

This narrative prompted Judge Willie’s follow-up question if the defendant forced her [for sex]. But she answers “No.”

The victim narrates that she “was not receiving any bad treatment” from her family before going to the prophet’s house to stay with him.

Further, she explains that she was not playing any role in Prophet Sam’s Church, but she was just one of two girls that the Prophet said “had the call of God” in their lives.

Additionally, she narrates that she was staying with defendant Sam in Liberia and she saw him like her father, in response to a question as to what was the relationship between she and the accused before he began paying her school fees.

Besides her school fees being paid by the defendant, she explained that the Pastor was also responsible for her transportation.

The court heard in the victim’s testimony Thursday that she got pregnant in Liberia but the pregnancy was discovered in Nigeria when she and the accused traveled there.

According to her, defendant Sam only disclosed “that God told him to go look for his wife in Nigeria,” adding that “I traveled with him to Nigeria because the Prophet said I had a gift of God in me to find wife for him.”

She says she did not find wife for him in Nigeria because there was no effort to do so.

She concludes that when her pregnancy was discovered, Prophet Sam called and informed his father about her condition and expressed his wish to marry her.

The case has been adjourned pending the outcome of a conference before Chambers Justice which is due Monday, 25 February.
By Winston W. Parley

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