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Local groups angered by claims against SEGAL boss

A local group here called Liberia Youth Network in collaboration with the Progressive Youth Alliance has expressed anger over allegations levied against Mr. Cyrus Momo, the Chief Executive Officer of private security firm SEGAL.

In a statement issued Monday, 19 August, the group threatened a lawsuit against some talk show host here for allegedly making claims of sexual harassment and seducing of female workers at the Security Expert Guard Agency of Liberia (SEGAL).

The group argues that the claims against Mr. Momo are untrue, and further brands the allegation as misinformed and unjustifiable.

The group gives a 72 – hour ultimatum to the talk show hosts to retract the allegations against Mr. Momo, or risk a law suit any time soon.

“As a journalist, you must be investigative and balanced in your reportage in order to establish the truth to the public, because the act of blackmailing to gain public relevance is unacceptable in the field of journalism and the society,” the press release says.

Additionally, the group has called on the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) to launch an independent investigation into the allegation levied against Mr. Momo.–Press release

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