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LP questions Weah

The Opposition Liberty Party welcomes President George MannehWeah’s declaration of a State of Emergency, but demands a national response plan from the government regarding full implementation in accordance with the rule of flaw.

“Mr. President, you have declared State of Emergency that is the first part, and we are supportive of that decision; where is the National Response Plan? It’s being days Mr. President, since you declared the State of Emergency, it is an emergency”, notes LP’s political leader and Senator, Madam NyonbleeKarnga Lawrence.
In a Facebook post recently, she noted it has been over a month since the Corona virus entered Liberia; and the government should have come up with strong national plans in combating the virus but at present, the Coalition for Democratic Change-led administration is yet to unveil a national plan in the fight against the virus.

Senator Karnga Lawrence who chairs the Senate Committee on Rules, Order and Administration, pointed out that the World Bank made a commitment of US$15 million since March 19, and has paid over half, if not all to fight the virus, including many other contributions, some locally, with the government making a commitment of US$500,000.

She wants those funds put into action in the fight, asking, ‘where is the plan’?
“The Senate has resumed, our offices are active and we are working from our different chat rooms and conference calls, but can’t do much without the plan, we will immediately go to our chambers when you are ready to include our inputs. Liberia is waiting because the mandate is not defined properly. It’s chaotic,” Madam Karnga Lawrence intimated.

She also frowns on the government for deploying non-medical contact tracers in the field, describing the move a death trap for all citizens. The LP Chair instead, wants intervention of medical authorities to spearhead the contract tracing program as soon as possible.

She urges the government to lead the COVID-19 fight with collaboration and cooperation, bringing onboard stakeholders, political parties, local and international partners, adding; parties and partners are ready and willing to work together.
On 16 March, Liberia announced its index case of the virus involving a government official who returned from Switzerland, but the country currently has total confirmed cases of 50.By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor -Editing by Jonathan Browne

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