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LP uncovers political plot

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn Liberia

An anonymous source within opposition Liberty Party (LP) has hinted this paper of a destructive ploy designed to distract LP’s campaign activities through the spread of fake media reports against LP Campaign Manager Musa Hassan Bility in connection to an alleged US$2.4million criminal transaction.

On condition of anonymity, the source tells this paper that LP political opponents see the party as a major contender in the 2017 October presidential elections, and are therefore seeking ways to cause distraction that are simply aimed at downplaying substantive issues that matter to the public.

The LP insider’s reaction comes following some falsified media reports by some unsuspecting section of the Liberia media, alleging business misdeeds on the part of Mr. Bility.

Recently, there were reports on social media and some publication in local daily here claiming that the International Police Organization (INTERPOL) had issued an arrest warrant against Mr. Bility.

The report claimed that INTERPOL was seeking Mr. Bility’s extradition into the Federal Republic of Nigeria for investigation in connection with a US$2.4million alleged criminal transaction.

But in contrast to the allegation against Mr. Bility, the LP source clarifies that a search conducted on INTERPOL website on Musa Hassan Bility shows now result, meaning that “there is no information on the INTERPOL website that he is wanted.”

The source at LP says the opposition party has categorically condemned the report, noting that such information is an unwarranted political ploy by lazy politicians who want to distract the party from discussing key issues of the 2017 presidential elections by employing falsehoods and fake news against formidable opponents.

The LP says the reports are far from the truth on grounds that Mr. Bility is not wanted by INTERPOL, and that his name is not on that site for any reason, be it criminal. “They think they go after Mr. Bility and others because they fear him a lot,” the source says, adding that opponents want to use fake news as a means to destroy the party.

It says most of these lazy opponents are engaging in these media ploys because they really see LP as potential winner of the Presidency this October. “It is not Mr. Bility who is one of those graded as contributing immensely to the present status of the party, but it is the party that the opponent wants to destroy,” the source adds.

Citing the LP’s level of centralized message of change, which the source says has largely bordered on reform, reconciliation and rebuilding to various spectrums across the Liberian society, the source suggests that the LP presents itself as the party with the best political structure that tends to get its opponent to become nervous.

“It’s because of these gains that its opponents, many of them, having sensed that the party is headed for victory at the polls, are beginning to throw fake media reports at some of its stalwarts, including Mr. Musa Bility, who’s credited to be one of the main architects behind the success of the Liberty Party in the ensuing October Presidential and General elections,” the source claims.

While acknowledging that Mr. Bility might have business friends in many parts of the world including Nigeria, the LP source reminds Liberians as well as journalists to be mindful, especially during the time of elections, that there will be unscrupulous individuals that will come with fake information to destroy their opponents.-New Dawn

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