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Maryland backward

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaPresident Ellen Johnson – Sirleaf says progress inMaryland County shouldhave been better than it is now, telling a townhall meeting at Barriken inPleebo District that “we lost lot of time”,demonstrated by ongoing roadproject that should have been completed a year ago.

The president was addressing a gathering in Maryland as part ofnationwide farewell tour, though it was not attendedby any member ofMaryland County Legislative Caucus, except for oneunnamed legislator that she said did not attend after informingher over the passing of arelative.

Beside the bereaved lawmaker, President Sirleaf saidthe caucus shouldhave been present [as it was done in other southeastern counties earliervisited] to engage them on matters of concern, butthey appear to haveboycott the president’s visit.

President Sirleaf says Maryland is behind, especiallyfor its capital Harperthat she said was designated to be next toMonrovia. While urgingMarylanders to see the level of progress in Ganta,Nimba County,President Sirleaf said the county needs to correctcertain things so as tobecome one of Liberia’s progressive counties.

She has meanwhile stressed that government needs strongpartnership toachieve its goals, whether with citizens or privateinvestors involved inbusinesses and farming, and international partners andfriendly nations likethe US, EU and Asian countries.

Mrs. Sirleaf said she wants Golden Veroleum Liberiato keep up withmaintenance of the laterite road in Grand Kru, andasked that citizens workwith the palm oil company as government considers itsproposal toundertake the task of maintaining the road.

Maryland County Superintendent Madam Betsy Kuoh Toeadmitted that thecounty was left behind due to its own politicalreasons. But Madam Toehad earlier thanked President Sirleaf for connectingMaryland to the rest ofLiberia and vowed that the county will remain forevergrateful to thepresident.

Madam Toe said the Sirleaf government has completed multipleProjects roads, hospitals, public schools and healthfacilities in the countyand others were still ongoing. She said there wassocial cohesionbetween Liberia and neighboring Ivory Coast, while oninternal security,she said police have restored sanity.

The organizers of the welcome ceremonies for PresidentSirleaf in MarylandCounty seemed to have surpassed other counties thatshe earlier visited inthe south east, given a huge gathering of students,market women, eldersand religious communities along the street in PleeboDistrict, and a townhall meeting followed by dinner at the Harper City Hall.
Prior to entering Maryland County on Wednesdayafternoon, Grand KruCounty Superintendent Madam Elizabeth Dempster hadreported that theSirleaf Administration has constructed and rehabilitateda total of 483kilometers of roads, while crediting the administrationfor building most ofthe bridges and curvet in the county that areapproaching 500.

At the third leg of President Sirleaf’s farewell tourin the south east, citizenscontinue to express wishes that her successor willemulate her goodexample and build upon what she will leave behind.

By Winston W. Parley-Edited Othello B. Garblah

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