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Police deny involvement in suspect’s death

The Liberia National Police (LNP) has denied Montserrado County District #4 Rep. Roseline Suakoko Dennis’ claim that police were responsible for the death of suspect Daddy Boy (alias Jollyjolly) who had been complained to a police depot by Kelvin Yalue for US$20.00 debt.

“To our utmost amazement, we heard that Honorable Suakoko Dennis was on radio and not only that, but she wrote a letter to the Legislature accusing the police of having a hand in the death of the suspect,” Police Spokesman Moses Carter told journalists Monday, 25 June.

Mr. Carter laments that what makes the police to feel so bad is the fact that in government there should be doctrine of coordination, adding: “We thought the most honorable thing for the honorable woman to have done was to take a telephone and call the Inspector General of Police, even if she heard it from passersby.”

The police spokesman believes that it was still prudent for Rep. Dennis to have either written a communication to the police for clarification, picked up a telephone and call police chief Col. Patrick Sudue or any of the authorities at the LNP to get the police’s side of the story.

Mr. Carter says it was not the case, complaining that police only heard on air that Rep. Dennis was saying that suspect Jollyjolly was crying as asthma patient, asking police not to put him in jail, but was ignored and jailed by the officers at Neezoe.

The police spokesman however clarifies that the suspect was not placed in jail as is being reported by Rep. Dennis, noting that the suspect was investigated the same day and released.

The case against suspect Jollyjolly was reported at the police Neezoe detail in Paynesville on 12 June for allegedly taking a sander valued US$20.00 belonging to complainant Kelvin Yalue.

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Mr. Carter says he understands that there is a letter before the plenary on the matter, but notes that the police will avail themselves to any committee to provide their side of the story.

The police spokesman says Jollyjolly confirmed to police investigators that he took away a sanders belonging to Kelvin Yalue on 25 May at the Redlight Market in Paynesville.

According to Carter, the deceased suspect narrated that while he was about to pay, he was being chased, which prevented him from paying Kelvin. He says Jollyjolly was later spotted by Kelvin somewhere in Neezoe, and subsequently asked by the complainant to accompany him (Kelvin) at the police station.

According to Mr. Cater, investigator Prince Dialloh determined that Jollyjolly was not in the position to pay the debt of US$20.00, and therefore thought to exercise community policing by finding a peaceful resolution of the matter.

He says officer Dialloh offered to pay LRD$1,000.00 on behalf of the suspect and requested the complainant to waive the remaining money, which Kelvin agreed to and left the police station to park his market at Redlight.

According to Mr. Carter, Kelvin had gone to his business site and while suspect Jollyjolly was leaving the police station, “he fell off in front of our police station.”

Mr. Carter narrates that blood began oozing from suspect Jollyjolly’s nose “because he suffered from asthma.”

He says at about 19:30, the police investigator placed a call to the police National Operation Center (NOC) for immediate intervention. When NOC contacted the state – run John F. Kennedy Hospital, Mr. Carter says the administration quickly moved in with their ambulance with a doctor onboard.

According to him, the doctor established that suspect Jollyjolly had died, and as such the ambulance operators did not put the body in the car. The next day, Mr. Carter narrates that police forensic team examined the body on the scene and did not establish any foul play, after which they displayed the body to the public for identification purposes.

Later in the evening hours, he says a family came and claimed the body, allegedly confirming that their son suffered from asthma. During the press briefing, both complainant kelvin and police investigator Prince Dialloh were present, and Kelvin was given time to explain what went on between he and the late Jollyjolly.

He narrated how the deceased took away his Sanders, and after a long time, caught him and took him to a police depot. Kelvin corroborated the police’s account, saying investigator Prince Dialloh offered to pay LRD$1,000.00, but pleaded with him to waive the remaining money which he did.

By Winston W. Parley

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