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Police probe woman, 39, for alleged kidnapping

Thirty-nine-year-old Lynce Wallace, is presently facing interrogation for allegedly kidnapping an 11-year-old girl identified as Comfort Brown from Yorpu town, in Bong County to Maryland, southeast Liberia.

Police deputy county commander Superintendent Sampson Wah, says Police received tip off from Jeremiah Wee, an employee of the Ministry of Agriculture in the county that the victim was being mal-handled by Lynce Wallace on a daily basis.

Jeremiah told police preliminaries that while walking along the street in central Harper, he heard women sitting by the road side discussing how badly the victim was treated by her mother, something which he says led him to contact the Police after he saw bruises on the child’s body and selling water under such condition.

The victim narrates to this paper at police headquarters in Harper that she was taken from her parents under the pretense that she was being brought to Monrovia for school purpose, but did not know how the plan for her education changed.

She continues that upon her arrival to Harper, she has been working all day for suspect Lynce Wallce, selling cold water, beaten and insulted daily. The victim, who is presently in the hands of police authority in the county, is asking to be re-united with her parents in Bong County.

Speaking in the Kpelle vernacular, the victim, who spoke with her parents after efforts by Police deputy county commander Sampson Wah to trace her parents, says she feels insecure to live in any environment where suspect Lynce Wallace resides because her life is at risk.

Meanwhile, police investigation has charged the alleged perpetrator for kidnapping, tempering with child custody, and human trafficking. Lynce is to be forwarded to court.

Speaking to police via mobile phone, the girl’s parents Emmanuel Brown and Hawa Brown, who did not explain how their daughter went to live with Lynce Wallace, laud the Maryland County detachment of the Liberia National Police for ensuring that the girl is safe.

Superintendent Wah narrates that upon the arrest of suspect Lynce by police officers in the county, she claims to be biological mother of the minor but later twisted her tongue that the girl is the daughter of her sister’s residing in Monrovia.

He continues that when contacted, the purported sister whose name he did not disclose, claims to be the biological mother of the victim. Meanwhile, Superintendent Wah says police in Maryland County are doing all they can to ensure that those connected to how the child was taken to the county are interrogated.

By George K. Momo/ Maryland-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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