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Rep. Sloh wants Weah address crisis

Sinoe County District#2 Representative Jay Nagbe Sloh calls on
President George M. Weah to quickly address the nation’s
economic crisis.

Rep. Sloh, who is a member of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change says in such a gloomy national situation, it is only the
President who can speak out and give a clear picture of what is actually
obtaining to reassure the nation on the way forward.

“Mr. President, as our leader, these are testing times for you personally, and for the country you lead; I sincerely believe that you are capable to give a sense of direction in times like these; so please do it’’, pleads the Sinoe County lawmaker, who crossed over from the former ruling Unity Party to President Weah’s Coalition for Democratic Change.

|Asked what exactly he wants the President to address, he says
President Weah should say whether all is well politically
and economically, and if not, state his vision for getting things
back on course.

Rep. Sloh specifically wants President Weah to address
allegations of diversion of donor funds to areas not intended, and
that he should also address the much talked about US$25 million taken from the nation’s reserves to mop up excess liquidity, including recommendations from the two bodies that investigated the $16 billion saga.

Sloh notes that the President’s prolonged silence in the wake of these crises can only complicate the situation and scare away potential investors and donors from the country. By Bridgett Milton–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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