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Speed Up Investigation

Human Rights organizations in Bong County are challenging the United Nations Mission in Liberia or UNMIL to speed up investigation into the alleged flogging of a thirteen year-old boy by officers of the Bangladeshi contingent serving in the Mission in Liberia at CARI in Bong County.

Little Reuben Wennah was allegedly flogged severely by the Bangladeshi soldiers for a piece of left-over biscuit at the CARI water plant. The incidence led to the admission of the child at the Phebe Hospital in Bong County before his transfer to the J. F. K Hospital in Monrovia by UNMIL officials for further medical attention due to his worsening condition.

The United Nations has already issued a public statement, confirming that two of its soldiers are under investigation in connection with the alleged flogging of the child. UNMIL said it took such allegation extremely seriously.

A preliminary fact-finding team led by the mission’s force Provost Marshall- the highest ranking member of the military police, was dispatched to CARI to look into the allegation. But human rights activists and institutions in Bong County continue to argue on various community radio stations for UNMIL to accelerate investigation into the matter.

They expressed the belief that the alleged brutal action of the peacekeepers against a child must be condemned. Little Reuben Wennah, who was transferred from the Phebe Hospital to Monrovia, left with swelling legs, stomach and other body parts.

He was given six units of blood due to bleeding from his noise, ears and mouth. However, there are reports that he is responding to treatment at the John F. Kennedy Hospital in Monrovia, while doctors are suspecting that there was damage done to his kidney during his alleged flogging.

By Papa Morris from Bong County

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