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Step-down campaign is ‘treasonable’


The political leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress, Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings has termed as ‘treasonable’ for anyone within the republic and beyond to call for step down campaign of a constitutional government and president.

Appearing yesterday, November 26, on a local radio station, the Sky fm, the 50-50 show, Mr. Cummings said while is true that those who are staging the step down may have some legitimate claims which should actively address by the Coalition for Democratic Change led administration but to call for step down campaign is treasonable and should not be accepted by anyone.
Cummings told the show that protest is a unique tenet of democracy which can be over looked by any government or leader but aspect of step down is worrisome and undemocratic.

Cummings also called on the government to pay salaries arrears from now to the end of December of this year or else it would send a bad signal to the international community and ti could also derail productivities of government.The ANC strongman added that delay in civil servants’ salaries is something that should not be practiced by national administration especially in such dispensation and that there are many implications that could follow in a negative form.

Speaking on the current economic meltdown, Cummings intimated that the way the country is being led under President George Weah, shows the level of “incompetence;” further adding: “If the President can say when the competent are not available, the incompetent take over; what kind of leader says that about his government publically?

“To loot the national treasury of this country for personal gain is appalling and Liberians should be upset. This is your money being spent for personal gains. “By every economic measurement, the economy is failing. It is not working for the people of Liberia. Inflation is everywhere. Prices are going up. This government has made an ‘F’. I don’t have to say it for the Liberia people, they are feeling the pinch and what makes it worse for me, there seems to be no plan to fix it by the government,” the ANC political leader said.By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor

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