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Student leader condemns trending nude pictures

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Following protest by women thru the streets of Harper City, Maryland County, demanding justice for the recent posting of nude pictures of a female student of the Tubman University in the county, the chairperson of the campus-based Student Unification Alliance has condemned the act.

Protesting women carried placards early Thursday morning, January 28, 2021 along the streets and later moved to the Harper Police Station, where they demanded the living body of the alleged suspect, noting the alleged act has publicly disgraced womanhood.

The women’s protest followed Police arrest of suspect Raymond PK Bardio, Jr, a son of a prayer woman in PleeboSodoken District. Suspect Bardio has been charged and sent to court in Maryland County for allegedly posting the nude pictures on social media.

The 23 years old suspect is a resident of Pleebo, Maryland Electoral district#2 and a well-knownfacebooker under the pseudonym, Pretty-boy Raymond (HOPE Bardio).

Chairman JashusMusu said it is saddened to have watched the disheartening videos of the female student on social media. He noted that the devilish act performed by the suspect is evil and must be brought to justice to avoid a recurrence.

According to him, for days now the social media has been saturated with the exposure of womanhood, something that’s forbidden, and also an act that warrants life imprisonment and traditional punishment.
“I know the psychological disorder it might taken on the victim, trauma reposed in her cerebellum right now, she can’t stand the fist of the way it went; the victim is seriously undergoing an uncontrollable trauma, a situation she’ll for ever remember in her life”, he said.

Chairperson Musu noted that any man who knows and understands the primary objective for which God created woman will never in his rational mind go that far even if a woman gives him an opportunity to have a view of her private [parts] pride.

He said it’s yet to believe if this act was actually demonstrated in the right minds either by the victim or the suspect.

Musu lamented that it’s worrisome to see womanhood disgraced in such manner and worse of all, even females have had the bravery to share the nude pictures with males as a means of joviality without shame.
“Our sisters who found it pleasurable in sharing those abominable things (nude) should recollect and think, and it’s never the way to go as humans of the same gender”, he added.

The SUA boss wants such awful behavior abolished, calling on Marylanders to rise up against social injustice by exposing perpetrators.

Justice is the tool that will contain such bad act, justice is the only guiding principles against the perpetrator, justice is the only waymaker now we beseech. Our sisters, aunties and mothers’ pride must be respected by all. Whatever way we may think of doing bad things, our womanhood should reign as a prestigious thing to be respected and hailed, he said.

“God’s creation of woman was a great ideal to foster partnership between a man and a woman, noting the Bible spoke uniquely how man’s rib bone was taken from him while asleep, and that proves the importance of a woman, as such we should all uphold that as a moral principle.”

At the same time, Musu warned women to be careful and uphold their integrity. He said women should now prioritize material things and sell their pride, saying if you do such, no loving and caring man will ever respect your dignity.

According to sources, suspect Bardio’s arrest was executed after a tipoff by close colleagues, who have been following many of his posts on the social media in the district.

Speaking to this paper over the weekend, some of the aggrieved women disclosed that suspect Bardio, Jr had allegedly created a page with the name Deng De Bos.

They explained that suspect Bardio used the alleged page to communicate with the victim whose nude pictures were posted on the social media.

Although the victim herself hasn’t spoken publicly concerning this worrisome and shameless act, but close family sources confirmed she and the suspect had communicated on social media.

The family sources continued that the victim has in her possession other confidential communications that she had with Deng De Bos on Messenger, including her nude pictures that were posted on the internet.

Though the sources didn’t explain what exactly might have caused the victim to send her nude pictures to suspect Bardio, they said the nude pictures seen on social media have shocked the victim, as her situation has been widely discussed in the County, prompting them as family among the angry women to seek speedy trial, maintain that they won’t rest until justice prevails in the matter.

“We as women, we can’t sit and see our colleague going through this life time stigma and worry”, they said.
“If justice can’t be served then we as women of Maryland County will take the law into our own hands because the suspect is a child, and he was born by a woman, so he needs not to treat a woman in such manner”, they stressed.

By Patrick N. Mensah, Maryland County—Editing by Jonathan Browne

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