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Team MUKA condemns elections violence

Supporters of Montserrado County District #14 representative candidate Mr. Kerkula Muka Kamara have condemned the alleged flogging and physical wounds inflicted upon two of its members, Dominic Dialeh and Jerome D. Thompson on the alleged orders of incumbent Representative Abraham V. Corneh, III.

But the incumbent Mr. Corneh who is seeking a second term, denies claims from his rival Muka’s camp of allegedly ordering the flogging of two victims.

Addressing a press conference in Clara Town Tuesday, 26 September, Team Muka Chairperson Michael Tipayson alleged that the physical attack on Team Muka members is a way of distracting the upcoming launch of candidate Kamara’s campaign scheduled for 30 September.

Mr. Tipayson claims that on Sunday, 24 September, Team Muka members were beaten on the order of Rep. Corneh for their alleged failure to heed to the lawmaker’s order to pack their car off the road and stop playing pro – Muka campaign song while the accused lawmaker’s supporters were equally playing pro – Corneh campaign songs.

According to Tipayson, the encounter between the two parties campaigning for Muka and Conneh led to the flogging of Team Muka members when they refused to put their musical sound off in defiance to the alleged order of Rep. Corneh.

Tipayson alleges that Rep. Corneh wanted some silence from Muka supporters’ musical sound system so that his message could go across.

But he says due to Team Muka members’ refusal to keep their sound down, Rep. Corneh ordered his men to beat his rival’s supporters.

Mr. Tipayson is calling on the National Election Commission (NEC), international independent election observers, and all diplomatic missions here to be aware of the growing wave of election violence within District #14.

But in reaction, Rep. Corneh says while on a campaign tour in Clara Town few days ago, he got information that Michael Tipayson led group of men to his house and private business area and allegedly destroyed his poster and misbehaved there.
Rep. Corneh says he has no problem with any candidate within his district, but he thinks they feel they are losing and are therefore misbehaving.–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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