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Total embarrassment

-Reps. Koffa, Gray brand Power comment

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Two representatives from the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change have branded the recent statement of Col. Augustine J. Nagbe alias General Power as reckless and total national embarrassment to the government and people.General Power in his recent appearance on Prime fm in Monrovia said that the Kru people will form a ‘Kru Defense Force’ to protect President Weah and his government till his constitutional required can be expired.

Grand Kru County Electoral District #2 Representative and Chairman on the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, Cllr. J. FonatiKoffa and Montserrado County Electoral District #8 Representative Acarous Moses Gray said that the statement from ex colonel of the Armed Forces of Liberia is counterproductive and it has propensity to under the peace and stability of the already fragile country.

“I feel compelled in no uncertain terms to condemn my kinsman, whose nom de guerre (whose war name), is General Power, and urge him to desist from talks of urban militarism. Similarly, I condemn all those engaged in incendiary rhetoric in the name of free speech,” Rep Koffa said.
In a separate statement, Representative Koffa intimated that the Liberia as a country is striving to maintain and sustain the peace and to have former soldier making such is condemnable and should be trash in the dustbin.Cllr. Koffa said at the point in time of the country, President George Manneh Weah is everyone leader and he does not need unconstitutional faction group to protect him.

But Koffa pointed out that the President Weah is not president for Kru people only instead for the entire republic and that there are paramilitary groups under the constitution that have taken oaths to defend and protect lives and properties including the presidency.
Yesterday morning, November 26, in Monrovia Representative Gray said that the comment of General Power is a national embarrassment and it intended to narrow the presidency to his kinsmen only which is far from the thought of President Weah.

According to him, Weah platform brings everyone on board and to have everyone work collectively in the common of the country and create a rebel group to protect the president.
Gray, who now serves as chairman on executive for the House of Representatives’ committee stressed that the attention of the president is focus on development and uniting the Liberian people and not creating illegal group for protection.He noted that President Weah is already and safe and he does not need protection from group of Kru people.

In Article 5c of the Liberian Constitution, it is stated: “The Republic shall take steps, by appropriate legislation and executive orders to eliminate sectionalism and tribalism, and such abuses of power as the misuse of government, nepotism, and all other corrupt practices.”By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor

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