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UL alumni urged to be goodwill ambassadors

Panelists at the 100th Homecoming Day of the Alumni Association of the University of Liberia (AAUL) have called on members of the association to serve as goodwill ambassadors of the nation’s premier tertiary academic institution and make their contribution to development of the institution.

UL Vice President for Institutional Development Prof. WeadeKobbah – Boley, veteran Liberian journalist and publisher Atty. Philip N. Wesseh of the privately run Inquirer Newspaper and Assistant Professor Thomas Kaydor, Academic Coordinator, Ibrahim BadamasiBabangida (IBB) Graduate School, University of Liberia served as panelists on Friday, 19 February during an indoor program on UL’s Capitol Hill campus.

During panel discussions on the Role of the Alumni in the Development of the University of Liberia, UL graduates and former students who are not actively involved in alumni activities were also urged to come and join the association and give their support.

A new batch of 3,312 graduands were presented to AAUL by UL Vice President for Students Affairs Prof. SekouKonneh for their admission into the Alumni Association of the University of Liberia.

The President of the University of Liberia Rev. Dr. Julius JulukonSarwolo Nelson in a special way, remembered the late president of the AAUL, Mr. James S. Davis, II. who died last month while still serving his term in office following his election in 2013.

Dr. Nelson informed the audience that the university has started to explore possibilities for investment opportunities and income generation projects, all of which need the support of the alumni.

According to him, the Lux Investment Cooperation has already been established as a separate business arm of the University of Liberia that will be operating very soon.

Dr. Nelson closed by saying there is always room to build on the foundation that was established by your predecessor, assuring that he will continue to cultivate at the UL the cultures of tolerance, peace, unity and togetherness among students, faculty and staff.

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Cllr. Tiawon S. Gonglose, president of the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA) who served as the 100th AAUL Homecoming Day Keynote Speaker said the panel discussion on Friday was meant to stimulate suggestions and recommendations for changing the history of private support for the University of Liberia.

He notes that it is a shameful part of UL’s history that Liberians, especially well endowed members of the AAUL have not taken full responsibility for providing private support for their alma mater.

He called former President Ellen Johnson – Sirleaf and current President George Manneh Weah to follow the great example set by Liberia’s first president Joseph Jenkins Roberts and will some of their life – long belongings to the University of Liberia.

Cllr. Gongloe narrated that President Roberts willed his coffee farm then located at Mamba Point to the Methodist Church for the Education of the Children of Liberia, and it is being managed very well by the Church.

During the panel discussion, UL Vice President for Institutional Development Prof. WeadeKobbah – Boley, said the AAUL can help in the area of development in a number of ways, including serving as goodwill ambassadors, developmental ambassadors, and ambassadors who will keep connected to the source.

Also serving as discussant, Assistant Professor Thomas Kaydor, Academic Coordinator at the Ibrahim BadamasiBabangida (IBB) Graduate School, University of Liberia, recommended that AAUL should have a newsletter for monthly or quarterly publication of its activities.

He also challenged AAUL to lead a very robust UL Career Day to give young people, especially high school students, the direction in choosing their career path.

For his part, Atty. Philip N. Wesseh, a veteran Liberian journalist and publisher of the Inquirer Newspaper said development is an improvement, leaving from one stage to a better stage, noting that the best way the AAUL can do that is to serve as ambassador.

He cautioned that the government cannot do everything, therefore the AAUL should serve as an arm of support to their alma mater.In a related development, the graduating class of the Management Department of the University of Liberia presented an 18 – seater bus to the university authorities following the indoor program of the AAUL Homecoming on Friday.

Mr. Eric W. Glassco, graduating class president of the Department of Management, unveiled the bus. Dr. Nelson thanked the class for such a wonderful exercise, and also appreciated the class president Mr. Glassco for keeping his promise. By Winston W. Parley

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