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Villagers appeal to SRC Management

Villagers in the concession areas of the Salala Rubber Corporation are appealing to Management for construction of hand pumps, roads and employment opportunities for them.

They also appeal for the construction of additional facilities, including clinics, schools and provision of rice to their respective communities. They made the call recently in Gleegbah Town, Gibi District, Upper Margibi County during the second quarterly cluster engagement meeting with members of local communities located in the concession areas of the Salala Rubber Corporation.

The meeting, which was initiated by the management of the SRC is intended to directly engage local communities within the concession areas in order to garner closer relationship between both sides.

According to the citizens, since the existence of the company in their area, they have not been able to directly engage management directly something, which they said was very welcoming.

They further note that the new stakeholder’s engagement strategy introduced by the management of SRC, will be a very fruitful and rewarding thing as it involves their direct interaction with them.

They also urge the company to give preference to qualified citizens from their areas whenever employment opportunities are available. “When our children are given preference for employment opportunities, it will also serve as major source of security for the company and the community, as it will ensure that no one is engaged in any criminal activities against the company”, they note.

Speaking on behalf of the management, the Public Relations Manager of SRC, Lewis Shilling, says the decision to accept management’s engagement with the locals was very much laudable and looks forward to a closer collaboration with the people.

He says all of their appeals to the company were very important and will be looked into by management, but was quick to point out that the shareholders of the company at its headquarters in Brussels will be contacted for final approval before any of their requests could be approved for implementation.

He also reveals that the Quarterly Stakeholder’s Engagement Meeting will always be held in cluster to allow all of the towns and villages be a part of the initiative.
“This quarterly engagement meeting will be at the forefront of SRC management policy”, says Mr. Shilling, adding that this is not a cosmetic scheme designed just to cajole the villagers but to engage them and know their developmental needs and wants and how to address them.

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