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You eat my eyes, I eat your ears

Professor Alaric Tokpa, whose COVID-19 test result was overturned recently at the national testing center has called on the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change government to stay clear off him or he would reintroduce the Moses Law (an eye for eye).

“To all grassroots of Liberia, your leader is under attack; the attack is not from the health authorities; the attack is from the political community and political attacks are fought politically. I’m not a crazy man, so you want eat my eyes, I eat your ears,” he threatened.

Mr. Tokpa spoke to reporters over the weekend at his residence in Lakpazee Community, Sinkor Monrovia, threatening to deal with the government here and those behind his alleged mistreatment by health authorities.

“My body is my weapon, I get plenty weapons and they are very dangerous and poisonous but you, when you search all over my house, you will not find it and when you search on me, you’re not going to find anything but my body is the weapon. You play with me; I give you what you asked for. If I want to wash your face, it’s your own eyes water I can use,” Professor Tokpa expressed.

He explained that since last Saturday, the government has been allegedly interfering with his phone calls and internet services, noting that his family continues to endure mental abuse and mental torture.

The long-time lecturer of Political Science and governance at the University of Liberia and University of Lagon in Ghana, said his sacrifice over the years for political transformation that has brought the Weah administration and ordinary Liberians to a place and enjoyment is being paid back with hate and embarrassment to him and his family.

According to him, since he was prevented by health authorities from leaving the country to go the United States of America because of testing positive of the corona virus, health authorities here have not visited his home or pick him up for treatment center.

But the director-general of the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) Doctor Mosoka Fallah denied the allegation and referred The New Dawn to the Montserrado County Health Officer who couldn’t be reached till press time.

Recently, Professor Alaric Tokpa, who also chairs the opposition National Democratic Coalition (NDC) accused the Coalition-led government through the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) for tempering with his COVID-19 test result for political reason. He narrated that on Monday, July 6, he went to the testing center where his specimens were taken and was told to return on Wednesday for his result.

Professor Tokpa continued that when he went at the center on Wednesday, July 8, for his result, it was delayed on grounds that his specimens were taken to another testing center, so his result could not be found. He said after the delay, on Friday, July 10, he received is test result, accompanied by an official certificate, proving that he was negative.

“I sent copy to my wife in the States as a proof that I was on my way to them for visit. I posted it on my social media page and informed all my friends around that my test was negative but while I was driving home, I received text from one of the health authorities, telling me that I was given different result and my official result came out positive,” Professor Tokpa angrily explained.

Since July 10th his health status has been in a limbo, with the authorities not calling him back for observation and medical attention.

By Ben P. Wesee –Editing by Jonathan Browne

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