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ANC wants war against native – congo politics

The National Chairman of opposition Alternative National Congress or ANC Mr. Horatio Gould says anyone preaching “native and congo”propaganda is an enemy of the State, suggesting the need for Liberians to wage war on such person.

In a conversation aired on a local radio talks-how in Monrovia Monday,5 June, the ANC Chairman said Liberians that are preaching “native and congo politics” should stop, on grounds that it is divisive.

Chairman Gould is insisting that anyone that will engage in preaching native – congo politics and wants reelection will not be elected. He urges war against the congo and native politics, and not against those that he claims are contributing to the society.

He says the fact that one comes from an indigenous background does not mean that he or she should embrace marginalizing of others or dividing the Country. Mr. Gould contends that those who love Liberia will not get involved into divisive politics, while suggesting that majority of the people living here are Liberians and that there are more Liberians than foreigners in the country.

The ANC official termed as ridiculous, the division of Liberia on artificial lies, warning that dividing Liberians will not help the country. Speaking on the ANC campaign, Chairman Gould says agriculture, health,education and infrastructure will be emphasized.

Concerning the party membership, chairman Gould said most of the six thousand people that have [taken membership] of the party are all from here, though he later admitted that a small portion of the party membership is based in the diaspora.
By Samuel P. Kamara-Edited by Winston W. Parley


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