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Shooter charged with negligent homicide

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Police in Monrovia have charged 16 – year – old defendant Jovanus Oliver Turay with negligent homicide after their investigation established that a firearm in his possession in class discharged and killed his classmate victim Precious Ireland at the Cyber-ED Christian School of Excellence in Congo Town on 13 April 2021.

Victim Precious was laid to rest last week and earlier on 15 April the police authorities here announced that they had placed defendant Turay in a safe home while his fatal shooting of the victim with a pistol was still being further investigated.

The police charge sheet says Jovanus secretly encountered the nine millimeter meter pistol (taurus) with life rounds from his mother defendant Josia M. Saah’s bedroom a few months back and took it on the Cyber -ED school campus in Congo Town on 13 April and shot Precious dead.The alleged action of defendant Oliver Turay’s mother, Josia M. Saah “to conceal such firearm was reckless and a complete [negligence],” the police charge sheet says.

The investigation established that the shooting incident happened when defendant Oliver’s friend Matthew P. Gonkerwon, Jr. and the late Precious were sharing an earpiece and listening to music from Matthew’s Ipad in class.

Prior to the shooting incident, police say defendant Oliver handed the weapon over to Matthew and that both Matthew and victim Precious allegedly played with it before the deceased returned the weapon to Oliver. Police say Oliver placed the gun on his right side while Matthew and Precious were listening to music.

Despite Precious’ cautioning Oliver to remove the gun from his side so that it couldn’t damage him, police say he continued to play with it, removed its magazine and put it back before the firearm discharged and had blood oozing from Precious’ neck. The charge sheet says Precious was pronounced dead upon arrival at SOS Hospital in Congo Town. By Winston W. Parley

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