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Top AFL staff faces probe

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A senior staff of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) Captain Esther Koon is due to be investigated by the leadership of the House of Representatives over alleged threats made against Grand Bassa County District #4 Rep. Vincent Willie.

The investigation is expected to be conducted today, Monday, 25 March on Capitol Hill.

Captain Koon is ordered by the House of Representatives to be accompanied to the investigation by the Army Chief of Staff and the Minister of Defense.

A complaint was lodged against the top army staff last week by Rep. Willie before his colleagues following some encounters.

He writes a communication to the House Plenary describing how Captain Koon has allegedly insulted and issued threats on him regarding a land dispute in Sophie Community.

Following Rep.Willie’s complaint, the House of Representatives took a decision Thursday, 21 March to invite Captain Esther Koon to appear and show cause for exhibiting gross disrespect and issuing threat against the lawmaker.

According to Rep. Willie, he went on his land on 15 March and had tried to inquire as to who had built on his land when the commotion began.

On the basis of his inquiry, he claims that Captain Koon started to use the worst words on him.

He complains further that it is not just the level of insult she used on him that really moved him, but the alleged threats on his life by the accused.

The Grand Bassa County lawmaker argues that it is not a good thing to see a Captain in the army using such a threat against a sitting lawmaker and a citizen of Liberia at this time, in spite of restructuring the AFL due to the years of civil unrest that Liberians have suffered.

According to Rep. Willie, he called Speaker Bhofal Chambers, but there was no answer.

He accuses Captain Koon as saying no other lawmaker had the right to question her, noting that she could only listen to her Representative YekehKolubah.

Also speaking, Nimba County District #5 Rep. Samuel Korga says it is disheartening that an officer will stand in the public and insult an elected lawmaker.

Rep. Korga believes that it is time that lawmakers take action.

For his part, Maryland County District #3 Rep. Isaac Roland says lawmakers need to attach importance to the issue.

According to him, lawmakers need to empower theirsecurity committee to have a meeting with all the securities in the Country.
By Bridgett Milton –Edited by Winston W. Parley

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