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Lord, Da 4-1-9 The Old Lady On or What?

Dear Father:

I thought the town crier in the Old Lady Officer said she was going to do some shake up upon her return from Uncle Sam’s cousins’ village the other day. But it has been more than a month and perhaps almost two month and yet nothing has happened.

Ha, ha, ha, my son, when will you ever grow up? Tell me, my son, you want to say when all the noise was on the Old Lady’s back, about “they say, she said” and the plenty noise that was going on in this village, don’t you think she needed something to divert the people’s attention small?

Were you not here when the Chiefs at the Traditional Council accused her of insulting them in Uncle Sam’s village…? What about the noise concerning her beloved son and the chief from the lower side of the Traditional Council over that black gold business?  Don’t you think, she needed to spark off something to divert the debate a little?

Father, then how will we call that one; 4-1-9 or what? Because everybody is waiting to see who goes and who stays. Look, first of all the news that is going around is that the plenty money the tax collectors them used to bring they have stop bringing it.

In fact, as we speak Father, there are fears that most of the ingredients we have earmarked to buy for our national cake will not be possible or may likely not be delivered on time due to this small, small money these tax collectors are bringing nowadays.

And to add insult to injury, we understand that most of the collectors, are not even taking their assignments serious. I understand the new song they get in town goes which goes with the lyrics: “You eat, I eat…Don’t eat you mean me.” is what everybody is singing now a day.  And with this kind of attitude, I am told the collectors in some areas have turned their offices into beer pallor.

Tell me something my son!

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Father, this is a serious matter. So, for you, and I say this with all due respect, to insinuate that the news about the Old Lady vowing to sack, reshuffle and transfer some of her kitchen staff was just intended to quiet down the noise in the village at the time then I think she must now make that charade a reality and let see that iron once again.

Since, indeed it was to quiet the noise and the tension that was in the village, it is now time to get the Christmas packages rolling out and those who think they can be here earning the poor village tax payers money and paying for mortgages elsewhere should go like their friends did some times back and let those who liver strings are buried here be the ones to do the job, because they will have nowhere to run when trouble comes and therefore they will not ferment anything of such.

Mark my words Father, the kind of capital flights we will experience this holiday will not be easy because almost all the Old Lady’s kitchen staff have to go to Uncle Sam’s village or other places for the X’mas Holiday to spend with their Families who are still afraid to come here. They are rather here to hustle and pump the money into foreign economies so how things will not be tough here.

Father, these people are only serving this village with their lips and seek what to grab from here but truly most of those in the Old Lady kitchen don’t care if we build schools or not. They don’t care to know how many people out there trying to earn an honest living but finding it so difficult to do so. All they seek is self interest and make empty promises that do not correspond with the numbers or reality on the ground.

They would rather take over hundreds of thousands of Uncle Sam’s money on travels but would refuse to pay little money they own other people. Yet still, they will make you to understand that they are working in your favor. How can you be working in my favor when I cannot even find a cup of rice to eat, things are tough and your generator beats 24/7 and I can’t afford to purchase a candle stick in my home?

Everything is about self, self, and self-the scratch cards, gasoline slips, daily allowances, frequent travels, yet others who honestly labor cannot be paid for their work done. Yet you claim you are serving the people. Let me stop here Father before i go into something else.

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