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Lord, dis one it look like baboon will divide kola oo

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Dear Father:

Ayakah, you na hear de one our people talking in dis village-Da noise! Dis one if dey try it, baboon will divide kola oo. Dey moh na com try us here o.

You fini sweet talking people to stay home, na time to give us de thing you promised us-our free food, water and current you com say what? In fact, me my ear na hear nothing! I say dis one da pure noise.
Hmmm, I wonder who na make my son vex again and he walking talking all by himself like da?

Oh, Father, you haven’t heard? Um, do you know da after de people fini promising us da there will be free food for everybody in the village to make dem to stay home to avoid Aunty Corona, na dey are changing their tongues-but this one da noise. We na go gree.

My son calm down.
Father, dis one da na calm down bisnay oo. You na hear da rice bisnay we can move our town chief dem, dey moh jus try us da all.

Dey think da small thing to stay home ehn? De small money people had we fini eating everything and sitting here praying for dem to bring the food then dey com say it na for everybody? Dey will go and find food for everybody oo.

Da wat dey are saying?
Oh Father, de people com speak some kina big book-dey say dey will give de food to vulnerable people. But wat one concern me sef about their big book. Since dey say vulnerable, allor us are vulnerable people.

Yes, Father, when you na working, you are vulnerable to plenty thing-yor wife or girlfriend can leave you, you can’t even buy rice or small oil sef to eat. So allor us are vulnerable in the village. in fact, the whole village is vulnerable-anybody can buy LIB right na.

My son vulnerable mean people who can’t afford to get food, people who are na strong and depend on other people for help.

Ehn, we all depending on people na. Look, me I was working and my brother was selling his lay thing, my other sister doing dry goods bisnay. But our big people say we moh stay home. No more selling for us and no work to go to right na-so you see, we are vulnerable too.

Bor you need to slow down small na.
Father, dis one na slow down small bisnay oo. I say, our whole village is vulnerable. Yes oo, everybody is vulnerable.

Do you know da some of our sister dem who used to go hustle or are hanging on people husband dem have become vulnerable too because de people married men are all in lockdown with their wifey dem.
Some of de men even though dey are in lockdown with their wifey dem bor dey are also vulnerable too, because wifey na giving any change for side chic, any strange fon call will be noise-And so dey are vulnerable to wifey noise right na.

So you see, everybody vulnerable right na. Da why nobody must play fun with us here about da food bisnay. Yes oo, nobody moh bring any noise on my block here. Me if dey like dey moh na give me water and current, bor my chew moh com.

Father, you moh tell demoo because da you Jorweah can be praying to about people who get appetite bor dey na get food and people who get food bor dey na get appetite. Me I get appetite and I need food oo or else me and my family will carry our noise on his blac.

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