Lord, I need my money back too oo

Dear Father:
Hmm, the way things are going nowadays, it looks like I need to start coming public and calling the names of all those I have given my money to and they have in one way or the other shown me ingratitude, maybe somebody will get angry like Oldman Jo to return some of my money too.

You say whatin?
Oh, Father, da fire coming from my mouth? I say, I coming to ask my friends who get radio stations to give me some air time and ask me some provoking questions that will just give me that opportunity to go gutter like the Prezo did the other time and today he is or about to be counting his lay thing he gave to Oldman Jo some time back.
And you think that is the right thing to do?

Ah, but Father, that me will tell them to give it back or that the people surrounding them will go raise the money? In somebody allows him or herself to be used as a political porn what do I care-my money or the person being used?

In fact, I will be helping some of them because it is possible that the money they will raise for that person to pay me back could be more.
How sure are you?

Ah, Father, this one na turn to question and answer box. Okay, so that day when you saw the people on Facebook giving the Oldman that brown envelope, you think that only the Prezo 2500 was inside there. Do you know if they put small thing inside for him too-just to buy gas to carry the Prezo money back and call some pen pushers to put it inside the town criers?

So, you see da na only my one will get my money back the person too will chop something small.
I wonder which radio station program everybody can listen to this time sef. Okay, I have an idea. Father I will have to call my man from 50-50. Yes, I will just tell my man to ask me all the questions that will make me vex like they did to the Prezo.
Hmm, na why oo.

Father, you na hear the song for every level there is a new devil? Ehn people want to make politics out of everything inside this village, we all will be inside it. Imagine how the Oldman was standing the other day like a common beggar and people say they raising money for him. Can you imagine this Father-the man was the number two person for our village just few days ago and people have to be parading with him all over the place on social media saying they raising money for him to pay back his debt?

Tell me about it my son
Oh, Father, but that the truth-everything da politics these days. Somebody go to the bank to withdraw money, they call the pen pushers and the way social media frenzy is all over the place, just call one or two persons. In fact, you don’t need to call anybody just go Facebook live, you will see.
I tire ya.

I tell you Father. How the Oldman can allowed himself to bring our village this low. No, forget the politics and think about your stature in our village.
Our people say when you a bathing and a crazy man takes your cloths, you don’t jump from the bathroom naked to run behind him.

Father, I know most of my friends will be angry but that’s just the truth. How could he allowed himself to be made mockery out of all in the name of politics?
Anyway, he just felt to the Prezoschem and I think it worked and I need to do mine to get some of my money back my man T-Max where are you, I need a live interview. Don’t worry I will pay for the air time after some people get angry to pay me back.

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