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Lord, it’s a rat race at the Traditional Council

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Dear Father:

Huh, they say things are falling apart at the Traditional Council oh-the center can no longer hold. And with the mouth slinging that is going on there, they say the rat race is not easy between chiefs from the Lower end of the Traditional Council and those of the Upper end.

The say the guys from the Lower end have begun a serious propaganda against their senior brothers with the aim of dethroning them from the Upper end in what has now been hatched as a planned palace coup.

Is that so my son?

Yes, oo Father. They say all the caucuses at the Traditional Council are now in disarray, since the chiefs from the Lower end began measuring treasures with their big brothers at the Upper end.

But my son, what is the roo t of this whole wahala between these people from the Traditional Council-I mean the two ends.

Huh, Father, it hard to talk and it na hard to talk again.

What do you mean it hard to talk and it na hard to talk again?

Father, you see there are two things in this our village today that can spoil friendship-money or man and woman business. You see for the chiefs at the Traditional Council it’s all about the Uncle Sam’s money and the power.

You see, the chiefs at the Lower end of the Traditional Council had come up with a plan that when successful would off course guaranteed them another six years job. But the guys at the Upper end of the Traditional Council not wanting their small brothers to take the credit and or maybe chop alone, decided to propose their own. Now instead of the two ends coming together to harmonize this thing, the people from the lower end not only wanting to take the credit but also presiding over cash to enable them keep their jobs ran to make their proposal part of our country oracle, to make it form part of our national cake.

So, when they send their wa-million to the Upper end for concurrence, the people too, sent it back and say this one, we will not sit here for you small boys to come and use us.

Now, this has infuriated the guys at the Lower end of the Traditional Council to launch a campaign against their big brothers.

The first thing they did was to ensure that none of them control their caucuses. Therefore they brought in heavy confusion, now I learn most of them have started vying for their posts.

But my son oh, is it also true that the main thing that is heightening tension at the Traditional Council is because the chiefs from the lower end think that their big brothers are feeding from the Old Lady’s table too much?

Ah, Father, that’s what they say oh. They say the chiefs from the Lower end figured that they too are not getting the kind of attention from the Old Lady’s kitchen staffers. So the best thing to do is to put sand in the gari of their big brothers whose actions continue to weaken their positions.

But is it true that the first place this whole thing started was over the black gold issue?

Yes, Father. They say the chiefs from the Upper end collected their lay thing and passed it through. But when it came to the guys from the Lower end, they did not only chop the people thing but went ahead and spit on the people’s paper. So, their bigger brothers had been planning to get back at them and they saw this one as an opportunity.

But that entire thing my son, the guys from the Lower end still put da money in the national cake.

Father, it is not that simple, before that thing become part of our oracle the two ends must concord, so even if the guys from the Lower end think they will engage in delay tactics to hurt their big brothers, it also will create serious problems for them too.

So what’s your best advise my son?

Father, let those chiefs from the Lower end meet with their big brothers and find a common ground or else they also stand to be affected big time. There is a saying that “if you bend down to look in pit, something else will be looking in your buttocks too.

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