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Lord, Let the Old Lady Rejoice and Let Her Critics Go Burn the Sea

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Dear Father,

Let the Old Lady go on rejoicing and let those who think she does not deserve anything go and burn the sea, and not the flag of Uncle Sam’s cousins.

You know, there is this statement from an actress in one of the Hollywood dramas; “Fighting Temptation” that I love so much. The statement was made by Lilly (Beyonce) who was in that drama regarded as the worst sinner for her performances in night clubs that “kept many husbands away from their wives at night.”

And so when a young music producer from New York (Cuba Gooding Jr.) recruited her in the community church choir as a lead singer because of her talent for a gospel competition, some members who wish they should have been preferred criticized her preferment and said a lot.

But this is what she said about such castigations: (Think of them (those who castigate you) as sand papers, they will turn you all over, inside outside and scratch you all over the place, but in the end, you end up smooth and well-polished more than them.”

In other words, what Lilly or Beyoncé is saying in that drama is that there are people who just go on criticizing others but what they forget to know in many cases is that those criticisms help shape the person far better, while they remain in their miserable states, with questionable credibility.

Let’s face it; there is no way one can hide from the truth. Yes, people may try to bend it and mislead others to think their way but the realities are there. Just like the way you cannot light a candle and place it under a table so you cannot deny fame well-deserved.

Father, there is no need in saying that the Old Lady does not deserve the honors that have been bestowed upon her. No matter the differences and the circumstances our village finds itself in today, when history is written she will forever be remembered but it depends on whose account.

I heard the Government Bone indirectly supporting an act that should have been condemned by every well-meaning citizen of our village, especially a man of his stature who is aware of the consequences of these kinds of actions. But for the Government Bone to say he cannot condemn the act and the people that destroyed the national symbol of Uncle Sam’s cousin speaks volume.

This is a man by all standards well-schooled and is expected to be magnanimous enough, despite his greed and quest for state power to recognize the pride and honor that comes with such an international recognition. But the greed for state power has eluded his mind and so nothing seems wrong as long as it goes a long way in besmearing his number one political opponent, someone who he thinks deprived him of achieving his goal, especially with age advanced; it is very unlikely that such opportunity will likely pass him by. And so Father, I am even tempted to believe that with the level of frustration if care is not taken the government bone will end up going to join the ranks of his adapted uncle, and former military boss.

But let’s put it this way Father, whether the guy stole your chic or not, the fact that he is handsome and a well -placed fellow in society and therefore stand a better chance over you in any competition, cannot be ignored.

And by all counts no matter which part of the political divide you find yourself, the truth is the truth, the prize does not only bring pride and honor to the Old Lady, she can have her cash but we in this village will continue to enjoy the pride long after she has left, it cannot be undone. So no matter how you feel, the people who give it are not going by our feelings and judgment they have their own yardstick. 

It’s just the same way no matter how people feel about the Footballer; they may disagree with him on political lines and so on, but the fact remains that he is one of the greatest soccer players the world has ever seen and this village is proud to have him as a son. No matter what, when world bests are mentioned, our village can say yes, we had that title. If you don’t like go and burn the sea, but he deserves that title.

Anyway, Father, let me go and hustle, the Christmas is na easy, my children are crying for new this and that.

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