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Lord, let them know

Dear Father:
It was Bob Marley who said you can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time. So no matter how long it takes people will get to know the real true you and sooner or later nobody will take you for anything.

Someone says that’s just deception and sometimes it’s good to give a little inflated impression. Yes deception is a form of manipulation, but self-deception is the highest form of manipulation-meaning yes, you can deceive the people and get them to still have trust in you and you get away with your mess, but when you sit all by yourself all of those things come right back haunting you like a ghost.

It is at that time that you realized that you had all along been deceiving yourself and not the people who you think you had been deceiving, you were only exposing your true self or manipulating yourself.

This is our major problem in this highly forested village. For far too long our big people have failed to learn this lesson and because they think that most of our people are gullible so they feel they can easily get away with things.

But Father what they have failed to understand is that this is a village where the people can hail you as a king or queen today and tomorrow they tell you go to hell. In other words, no one remembers good deeds for long as compare to the bad ones.

Someone said history is being made when it is at the same time being read. Our old people will say when you are pointing your finger at someone don’t forget four of those fingers are pointing right back at you. The Greatest Book on earth says “the same measure with which you judge others is the same measure by which you will also be judge.”

Just the other day nothing was right-everything was against the people and were never in the people’s interest. Today, those very same things that they condemned in the past is good and best for the village. It’s like they say, when the thief is in your house he is not a thief but when he is from your neighbor’s house he is a thief.

Where are you heading with all of these today my son?
Father, I just think most times our people tend to forget from where they come from-our village history, the little things that have made us to fall from grace to grass today. For a village once celebrated as a beacon of hope for all the little villages surrounding it to be reduced to a pauper speaks volume.

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The other day a friend of mine sent me a video of our village, my Oldman will say, “When we were we.” To see how wealthy we were as major exporters of the very things we are crying for today proves how our village has retrogressed. I have not stop watching the video and I keep asking myself how did we get to where we are today comparatively when everything was on the right trajectory then.

But then again Father, when I look around me, the evidence of self-destruction is high. People who yesterday were on fire condemning everything insight are walking in those very paths arguably at a speed faster than what they were condemning the other day.

Yes Father, today, our big people are pretending to be trying to solve the problem but in actual fact, they are running into “fire-damage”. When they refused to listen to the people who are the heartbeat of the village and think it’s just ok to do what they pleased, they are running us into deeper mess, but for them its ok-it’s their time and they can do whatever they please.

A friend told me all the small girls are riding jeeps around here nowadays why many homes are crying-my name ooo. So, how will we be able to go back to where we were when our very activities obligate us to a lot?

Father only if they knew that the path on which they are trending has the ability to sink our village further. Like my friend says posterity is the highest court of judgment. So we wait to see the end.

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