Lord, let them tell us the how

Dear Father:

You know, for a second there I think we the people of this village are tire of hearing the names of all those who spoiled things around here. Just as it is impossible to roll back the time reechoing this year in, year on mix with lies every time we are approaching another voting time will not help our village. We are looking for the best solutions, not the best reminders.

Yes, Father, if people are not innovative enough to come up with strategies that will win people over to them and think by repeatedly reminding us of what others have done as a reason to choose them, then they have actually missed the point.

Hmmm, my son what are you up to this time around?

Father, the truth is we are tired of being reminded of how others spoiled this village and what they did or didn’t do.

What we are interested in as a village and a people is a practical road map on how you are going to fix this thing you keep telling us that the people have spoiled.

Yes, we know people have “spoiled” it. Just tell us how you will fix it. Write it on paper. Make it plain and simple. So that he who reads it will run with your vision and begin to imagine his or her role within your vision.

How people have mismanaged this village over the last 100 years plus are nothing new. And in addition, for the past 12 years, how people have come to spoil it is no longer news. All the kids between 7 and 12 years can even sit and pass a state exam on how and who spoiled our village.

So hearing the names of those who destroyed our village or the kind of people that brought us to where we are as a people and village has become part of our history. Every student in this village has written exams about it- even our old people who did not enter classroom know that some people from far away Uncle Sam’s Village settled here and ruined our village- at least that is what they want us to know. So we know it.

We also know that certain people came and brought war to spoil everything too and that we know. At least for once Father, these are the devils living with us both past and present that we know what they are capable of and what they are not.

But for you who are parading around as an angel of light, we don’t know you. So do us this favor, sell yourself to us and tell us how you are going to fix our spoiled and rotten system.

Oh, my son, so you have started defending the people who spoiled the village already?

Father, take it or leave it, we are tire of learning everyday about how this village was spoiled and who are the brainchild of its backwardness. At least, everybody in this village can point to one or more incidences. But for the angels of light, nobody knows how they are going to fix it.

And let me make it simple for them Father, because this one they will stay long inside. We don’t want mere words put together that will even confuse yourself. We want you to write down a simple vision, like the founding fathers of this village wrote-simple words that is now a creed for civic education.

And you as an individual must believe in your own vision and not a prototype of some foreign neighbor that you will have to struggle to understand before I say explain to the ordinary people.

The truth is Father, we are tire of the too many con-artists who come in the middle of a voting year to remind us how we didn’t get good education because 12 years ago somebody who brought war became our ruler or 100 years ago, the people who founded this country messed it up. This is something; I have said over and over that we know. But for you, we don’t know you.

So stop spending your resources on history, use them to tell us about the future, which you claim is in you. Please we want to know the how. How you will do it. Tell us about yourself and stop promoting the people of the past, many of whom have no interest in the future you. Let us test your credibility too.

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