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Lord, no wonder they are like that!

Dear Father:
Hmmm, you know am often reminded by the Good Old Book in these circumstances. The Old Man James words immediately resonate in my ears. His question remains valid more than 2000 years ago-and the reality is crystal clear for all to see.

In what has become one of the favorite quotations from the Good Old Book, Old Man James asked: “From whence come wars and fighting among you? Come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members?”

You see Father, in our highly forested village today James questions come alive. People want to reap where they have not sown, they claim rights to what they do not have, and submission is not in their DNA.

Like their grandfather, the devil, they consider it not a robbery to claim equality with a man who tries to have pity on them and help them to become somebody-soon they become making claims as if you own them.

They always claim some form of entitlements that are never theirs. Just give them a little opportunity and you will regret the day you afforded them the opportunity to rise up from the dust.

Wickedness is in their hearts. They are like brute beast, want to destroy every one that ever came their way blaming them for their failures and incompetent which has left them jobless and not considering that the reason for the stagnation in their entire life is as a result of hatred, greed and envy.

You know, this remind me of the Old Lady in 2005 when she was decorated to head her party. For the sake of a semblance of democracy, they put up one little boy as an opposing candidate. The guy after the primaries took that thing so serious accusing the organizers of cheating. Meanwhile Father, by himself he’s not even a political weight, let alone pitting him with veteran Dabo.

So is the same experience we have across our village. Giving someone an opportunity has become a crime in our village, especially when you are no longer in that position to be of help. They forget that they were on their dying beds when you rescued them.

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Can you imagine, someone will work with an entity and steal documents he presided over in fact generated by him and after leaving because of proven criminal track records fueled by jealousy and envy would claim to be a whistle blower all in the name of if I can’t be successful at anything no one else that I have crossed path with and left should be-that is after trying and failing to curse what God has blessed unsuccessfully.

The problem here is most of our people feel they are doing you a favor when you give them the opportunity to work, instead of it being the other way around that you are being the channel to help put food in their mouths and cloths on their butts.

Yes Father, they come to you in the name of looking for an opportunity to survive and when you give them that opportunity, they turned around and ganged up against you thinking they can control you-life doesn’t work like that and until our people can realize this, many people will leave them unemployed and bring in the foreigners to work here.

Let them be there passing around with bags on their shoulders with fake documents and pedigrees. Soon we will hear that the bags have overweighed the shoulders and they are permanently crippled.

No one can be that wick, full of envy and jealousy to someone who has only try to be kind to you and you expect to live happily-where-Complete ingrates!

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