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Lord, So They Finally Nail The Ray Hay Man?

Dear Father,

So you want to tell me those people finally succeeded in nailing the Ray Hay Man for all the bad things that happened in our neighbor’s village? But then our neighbor’s are very lucky oo! You want to tell me Uncle Sam and his Cousins just came and grabbed the man from here and put all those crimes on him and there was no way that he could escape?

So, tell me who will speak for us too now-because come to think of it Father, it is only our neighbors who are happy to see justice while people in our poor highly forested village are still crying for justice. Most of the people who did bad, bad things are ridding around here freely and enjoying our village resources, while Uncle Sam and his Cousins waste millions of their money for justice in our neighbor’s backyard. Is it that they are playing a blind eye on our plights and that in their minds nothing really happened here?

My son, do you think those people really care about your village and want people here to get justice? I think you are right Father, because listening to the people in Uncle Sam’s Cousin Village nailing the Ray Hay Man it was all about our neighbor and not ours.

But Father while is it that they are not also going after other people in our entire fiefdom take for example that leader from that village called Burkina whose name was mentioned over and over? Is it that they have personal beef with him or what- I mean with the Ray Hay Man?

Okay, now that the Ray Hay Man has been nailed to the wall, some say his hand was caught meddling in the cookies jar. Is that so Father?

But my son what would you expect from greed. If you are not contended with what you have, the tendency of you going out there for other people’s thing will be high and as a result, you must just find yourself in an embarrassing moment?

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So are you saying the Ray Hay Man was greedy and he wanted to eat what was not rightfully his? Again as I said earlier my son, when you asked why were they not nailing him for what he did in your village, didn’t you realized that he had actually pillage his own village and that there were nothing left of it and now that he wanted more like Oliver Twist, which led him to putting his hand in another person’s cookies jar.

You know for a second there Father, as I watched that old white man reading the final chapters that sealed the fate of our man, especially the part that had to do with his plenty talking that was recorded, then it doomed on me that there are many people who do not steal quietly and so they leave traces.

Father, do you think he regrets those little mistakes that, I mean he was not watching over his shoulders to see who was also watching him?

My son, when arrogant and greed over takes a man’s imagination, there is not much of a sense of reasoning left in him-sometimes when greed and arrogant takes over, the ability to think is loss.

These two can be compared to desire. Desire, it is said is stronger than a sixteen house power, meaning if you desire a thing whether right or wrong you don’t mind how many persons you will clear off the way to get what you want.

So could this be said that the Ray Hay Man’s desire was for obtaining the people of our neighbor’s wealth and that he did not care what it took to get his hands on them?

Well, my son, all I can say to you is that this is a lesson to all whose desires are motivated by greed for other people’s thing. But Father, this is still not fair to us we too want people running around here to get a taste of justice too!!!

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