Lord, the animal farm rekindles?

Dear Father:
Um, they say when the thief is in your house, he is not a thief, but when he is from your neighbor’s house then he is a thief. What a world full of hypocrites? I know ehn, my son. So what is going on in that highly forested village of yours again?

Father, is it not our big, big people in this village; they see themselves as the alpha and omega here. They have total disregard for the very laws that they make. It is never a law when it comes to them. But ooh yes, it sure is, when it is their political opponent.

What do you mean my son?
Um, Father, haven’t you heard that our village has been turned into an Animal Farm-where four legs are good and two legs are bad? These days in our village laws are only made to suppress certain people or are only applicable to the plebeians.

So, today our village oracle is only meant for us the plebeians and not the big, big people like the chiefs from the Traditional Council, the heads from the Castles and the Elders from the Palaver hut.

The other day, they were all laughing through their teeth as they openly violated the very oracle that say no body must use our village property for their politics. But they did with pee and deed.

Are you sure my son?
Oh, yes Father, they did. And in their minds’ eyes, they are above our village oracles. And you know, come to think of it, when George Orwell wrote the Animal Farm, first released in Uncle Sam cousin’s village in 1945, the situation in our village was no different. As the saying goes, all animals are equal but not equally equal. Today, in our village, the story is no different.

In fact, our village leaders show this divide with total disregard to the very village oracles, they swear to uphold and protect. So, it is not surprising when some group of country boys who have found their way into the Traditional Council try to act more than those they criticized yesterday-it’s all about personal interests, gains and selfish power.

Tell me something!
Father, these people today see themselves as demi-gods and therefore are above anything called laws in our village. Today, laws in our village are only applicable to those who are not at the helm of village power, not connected to those at the helm of village power and not related to such people.

They drive on any lane as and when they want. They used one license plate for all their vehicles rotationally and whatever apply to their political rivals don’t apply to them.
And for now, they haven’t seen the harm that they are causing our village all because of personal aggrandizement.

But you see, like my friend always used to say: “pekin, enjoy your day will soon break.” What this simply means is that it doesn’t matter how long John can stay in the army? When they are no longer in power and can’t afford to enjoy free gas coupons and free allowances, then we will know when the chicken will arrive home for roasting. But until then, let them continue to laugh on with their thief on the other side.

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