Lord, the Country Giant is surely in town

Dear Father:
Um, you know there is a saying that everything can answer to its name. I don’t know whether it is out of naivety or sycophancy, but we in this highly forested village are quick on giving names to our leaders or friends. And more often than not we forget that those names have effects.

Few years back when the Old Lady rose to power, she was nick named the Iron Lady by her close friends. Soon town criers, both local and international picked it up and before we knew, it had become a household name not only in our village but in every neighboring village including that of Uncle Sam’s and his cousins.
So for the next 12 years, we saw a very stubborn Old Lady, who was not easily moved by what anybody thought of her. She was like an Iron; to have her move was difficult. One needed to mount persistent pressure to get her listening.

Yes, Father, whether knowingly or unknowingly, the Old Lady’s behavior was conforming to the name Iron Lady-no one mess with iron. So at one point in time, some of those very close friends of hers would say-that Old Lady get “dirt”-it’s an expression used locally to describe someone who is not move by pity, they just do what they want to do and move on, while you worry about their actions or inactions.

That is while dumping close allies like the sleeping Oldman and other gravy seeking politicians were nothing to her. In fact, what do an iron care Father-once you don’t heat it to bend it, it doesn’t change in any shape or form.

Now, we have the Footballer being nick named the Country Giant and by equivalent the Country Devil. For those who grew up in the village know that Country Giants are ruthless in their paths. Their appearance alone can scare off an entire inhabitant, only his friends surrounding him can enjoy the spoils.

Father whether he is the Country Giant or Country Devil it conveys the same message. The meaning followers try to portray is that just by his appearance alone scares others away.

Indeed the Country Giant or Country Devil is surely in town and there are sounds of cries beginning to be heard already signifying his presence.
Now some people are beginning to act like the Biblical John the Baptist who would soon send his disciples to ask Jesus if he is the Messiah he had prophesied and testified about. And Jesus would answer and say go and tell him the blind eyes are opening and the cripples are walking and the dead being raise from the death.
John had been confused. He was in prison for putting his mouth in King Herald’s private business and thought Jesus would have come to bail him out and since he wasn’t coming, the same John who said behold the lamb of God, now began to ask if truly he was the one or we should wait for someone else.

So that is what happens when you declared someone and finds out that the person is not working to fulfill your personal interest then you begin to ask if you had made a mistake or not.

There are many of my papay them around here no name. They can’t even come outside because they thought the Country Giant coming to town would have reintroduced them to lucrative village jobs that they had been used to-No! The Country Giant knows those that have dressed him over the years in the bush, not new recruits.

The other night while closing from work and walking to my car, a friend approached me asking how business, and with my latest style of responding to greetings I have picked up from Les Brown, a motivational speaker-“Better than good and better than most”, I responded.

My friend said mehn the way things are going, I want to believe the Old Lady was better. I first pretended like I didn’t hear him. My friend continued, can you imagine since January I have not paid my staffs?

I asked who ever stays in town when the Country Devil or the Country Giant arrives. Is it not those men who are part and parcel of the Country Giant or Country Devil’s entourage?

In the village setting they will refer to the non-members of the secret cult as sinners and those people who are part and parcel of the secret cults are the ones who stay in town and enjoy or make merit with the Country Devil or Country Giant.

So, my answer like that of Jesus’ answer to Jon’s disciple was -why complain when you have introduced to the village a Country Giant whose presence you said others could not stand? What make you think anything will stay in his path and enjoy along with his entourage that are not part of him.

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