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Lord, The Hustlers Are Coming Again O (Pt. 2)

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Dear Father,

I wonder what do these people take this village for. Father, do they think this is a plantation where there are confused laborers who do not know their rights from their lefts.

Imagine, somebody claiming to be the wealthiest man in the village and not one cook bowl shop he has here. The man has all his wealth in the land of strangers, how can you count such a person as a patriot. What does he care to lose here anyway?

The only investment you soon see him/her bringing is the one that requires collecting your little money, monies that you will never see if there is no natural disaster. What is the problem again my son? No, Father it is these sycophants parading the feeder roads of our village preaching the gospels of their messiahs when their messiahs are even worse off than the devil’s incarnate.

Can you imagine somebody who spends all his life out of this place, has no kitchen, wife and children here- where their children only know that their parents are from this village but has never footed here before?

I had one of my Uncles in the Old Lady’s kitchen who was amongst the first badge of kitchen recruits but has been assigned out of the village. Father, do you know what that old rascal told me once?

No my son. He said that this village was now ours and that he had no reason to come but just to serve because even all of his children in Uncle Sam’s village have never footed here before and that he doesn’t think they will ever here.

Now, Father, what loyalty does such a rascal has to this village to be awarded such a position.

But don’t forget he’s your somebody oo. Father, forget him being my somebody, the man is not a patriot and such a person cannot be considered my somebody, it could be my belly born pa, I will disown him, because he has no stake in this village. This village is all I have gotten.

Father, the man is no different from those hustlers trooping in here to become king or go into the Traditional Counsel and when they failed to get elected they run back to where so ever they have come.

That is why the people in this village must now look at themselves whether they just want to keep believing in those ‘Jonny Just Come” who are only seeking means to keep up their life styles that are gradually slipping through their fingers because all the hustle areas have closed at where they presently reside and because they want to see this village being transformed.

The thing is so annoying Father, our brothers from right around here will go to Uncle Sam’s village the first thing they think of is how to build a lay thing in their village-they never forget their roots, you know.

But come and see people from our so-called village. The moment they leave the first thing they fight for is how to change their identity and vowed never to return to this village unless they want to be president or go to the Traditional Council.

And then they come criticizing everything along the way but provide unrealistic solutions as a platform. And when the heat is turned on, then they run from this village with the fastest speed like a little rat.

Father, it is time that these people realize that we are not fools in this village. You say you love the people and the only thing you can boast of is having few faceless persons on scholarship, and that is the biggest investments many of them are boasting off.

What about the issues of unemployment? The gas stations, supermarkets and other investments you have elsewhere that you want to make the people in this village believe that you have not come to hustle but to help, why can’t you bring them here to help with the unemployment rate?

It’s only fools who will believe that you actually care for them when you boast of having these riches in a far away country and yet, stay in hotels or family homes or even with friends when you are here.

The fact that you can boast of your riches elsewhere and stay in hotels or pegged with friends or families whenever you are here suggests that you are a big hustler who should not be taken seriously in this election.

Gone are the days when people coming from Uncle Sam’s village were regarded as something-because most of them don’t worth a thing nowadays. Degrees can be bought online and anything can happen, so don’t bring your foreign degree stuff because it will not hold.

The only experience, I believe you can convince the village people on is your hustling credentials.  Because if you told me you have this and that in a strange land I will judge you by what you have been able to achieve back here and if my expectations fall short of that then you are considered to me a hustler.

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