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Lord, the Oldlady and the Oldman who get dry-face pass their friend?

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Dear Father:

Huh, so the Oldlady says she needs to meet the Oldman and discuss with him on that his petition ehn? Hmmm , does it mean that the Oldman was trying his own little thing to cut under the Oldlady? I can just imagine how that meeting is going to be like.

This other dry face thing these two people on, I wonder who gat dry face pass their friend?

You say what my son, you want to tell me the Oldman did not discuss this thing with his boss lady before coming public?

Aah, Father that’s the one I can’t understand oo. It is so confusing because all the noise we been hearing around our village had actually suggested that the Oldlady gave the Oldman her blessing, not knowing this easy but sure Papy was trying to play smart.

But my son haven’t you heard the saying that easy water runs deep?

Father, this one even runs deeper. And you know, the thing the people can always say about easy people that true too. This Oldman that like taking his lay nap like this, nobody never thought that he had so much interest in being President.

You say what my son- after tasting power for 10 years and knowing what it entails -free trips, money, running water and 24/7 electricity while 99.9 percent of the people live in abject poverty, who will not want to continue in such luxury and enjoyment where everything comes on a silver platter for you.

You know what Father, now I understand why there are so much in fighting within their camp since his pronouncement -even though whether he actually arrange that petition or his people really did, is another thing altogether. But the truth is there have been dissenting views about his petition.

Leave them my son, they will balance, ehn they say cat that goat?

But Father, the interesting thing is how the Oldman will not run his own show because since the people declared our village Ebola free, the Oldlady has started living in the air again. When she comes today and sleep the next day she is on another plane to some kinda meeting.

So apparently, the Oldman would have loved to make his intention known to her first but the fact that she’s here today and tomorrow she is gone too may have prevented the Papy from meeting her.

Huh, but the Oldlady too ya, she bad like war show. You want to tell me she couldn’t have evaded that other town crier question in another way, she had to put it bluntly?

No wonder since then I have not heard any siren sound from the Oldman’s house, because that kinda news alone can give you tension or migraine headache .

But ehn they say he had been feeling sick since he heard on the news that the Oldlady had planned to meet him over his dream.

Is it true that he had to be rushed to the hospital for some drips my son?

Father, I don’t know yet but one thing I know is that he went home very early that day after the news about the Oldlady questioning him came up, Ay ya, I can imagine the Oldman setting his campaign budget and waking up dreaming how the people at the voting house would be reading up big numbers in his name . Just that faint smile alone showing the tribal marks on his jaw would have said it all.

But you think he has chances of becoming the president of your village my son?

Father, from where I sit, he has zero chances. The only thing people are ready to play some tribal cards that’s all. Can you imagine people have started forming all kinds of group already to chop his money-that is if he will really release his own money for his desire.

Huh, come to think of it Father the Oldman too is bad like war show hero. He cut under the Oldlady not wanting to end up like one of the aspiring chiefs during the December 2014 voting time who had to trade his ambition for cash. My name ooo!

They will balance Father, ehn 2017 coming. Let then be there after all what prostitute care about romance or what concern dog about family planning?

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