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Lord, the same rope that hang baboon, can hang monkey

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Dear Father;

You know, when I think about the way our chiefs do their politics at the Traditional Council, it reminds me of a virus. The virus may just start from your index finger but before you know it, what was only a problem, affecting just your left finger has travelled to your right hand and setting everything apart.

What are you trying to say my son?

Father, you see, I have been around this village for a while, at least since this Old Lady came to sit on our village throne. I have been studying the behavior of our chiefs at the Traditional Council whether big or small; you can easily predict their next mood, especially when there is smoke in their back yard.

You see the other day we could only hear noise from the Lower end of the Traditional Council about the Paramount Chief stepping, I don’t know outside or inside. By the time, those chiefs from the other side had succeeded in getting their Paramount Chief to bow in shame and asked for sick leave, the people from the Upper end had just begun.

This removal of paramount chiefs from their seat first began at the Lower end of the Traditional Council, when the former Oil Man was removed as Paramount Chief, by the other chiefs. At least his removal was imminent from the very beginning because although he was occupying the position, he felt he was in his own world of fantasy. He could not believe that truly he was actually occupying the position in real time and not in his dream.

Therefore, his behavior could almost be compare to the popular phrase we have around here for a stranger-Jonny Just Come or JJC. So, we all knew the man had paved the road for his own removal before he was even sworn in.

As the noise of his removal was dying down at the end of the Lower end of the Traditional Council, the other country boy-who styled himself as the best educated on chieftaincy maters compare to his learned colleagues, had deepened the whole for his own burial.

Thus the birth of the virus had begun. It was spreading at the Upper end of the Traditional Council faster than it did at the Lower end. In both these scenarios, all eyes were affixed on the Old Lady-who has come to earn the nick name Political Maradona of late, thereby dropping the Iron Lady.

And so, it was Father, the virus which took long to affect the Paramount Chief from the Lower end of the Traditional Council or the former Oil Chief, only took few weeks, to send the country boy from the upper end parking-He had earlier shot himself in the leg though and even had his colleagues allowed him to stay on, he would have utterly destroy himself. If you were to ask me Father, his colleagues actually did him a great deal of favor on that one.

And so has been other viruses Father. But the most recent one is the most exciting one. Exciting because, the very man who is the architect of this whole thing, it had appeared from all indications over the silence of his colleagues, that he would have been spared. But it appears he had been day-dreaming.

It was only a matter of time, that our Old Rooster man would be putting the cart before the horse-wanting to play smart, but no really smart because the virus has enter his chambers.One, good thing I know about this virus is that Father; it comes facing nearly complete rejection from the start. It’s like introducing a new policy at the work place or school. But before you know it, reality would have settled in and people who initially rejected it will now see reason to cooperate.

So, let the Rooster-man be there, it’s just the matter of time, when the virus has attacked and reputations are going down the gutter, then the chicken will come home to roast, but there would have been much damage already done though. Hope he doesn’t end up like the Paramount Chief from the Lower end-move, no I won’t move, until even the children sang rogue, rogue behind him. If it were not for his most recent troubles we wouldn’t have heard how a pastor prophesized of his disgrace.

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