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Lord, They Have Not Come In Peace!

Dear Father,

Is it not written in your good old book saying “where come war and fighting amongst you?” Did you not say that they come out of our greedy and envious desires?

No, say it if I am wrong, did you not also say some brute men have invaded our company, they criticized everything and in what they know to be good they are so corrupt in it?

My son why are you bringing my writing into remembrance, is there anything wrong?

Not really Father. You know few days ago the Old Lady said a lot of things about chu-chu-chu and the undermining spirit that is reigning supreme in our village to the point that even the baby born yesterday can be used as a conduit for chu-chu-chu.

But Father that is not what is bothering me. What is of concern to me is when did the Old Lady get to know that even among her own people the back biting and the used of surrogates is on the increase?

What are you getting at my son? Father the logic is very simple. The back biting and the spreading of little cash around to do each other have long been there. Is it now that she is leaving that she is now able to see it or comment on it.

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When members of the Old Lady’s kitchen staff go and say a lot about another person, turn around and pay some poor town crier to propagate such lies, to give it more strength for believability,  is she saying it is just getting to her?

Look, Father, nobody should pretend in this village, the seed of discord is very high even among us town criers. This is so because of greed and the crabology syndrome, if I don’t have it, the next person can’t. Instead of asking how a brother made it to the top, we are always busy designing means to pull him down. That is what we are in this forested village of ours, no wonder there is no improvement.

Now, if you have a person who acts before investigating like most of the so-called progressives in this village of ours are (no wonder not one will ever ascend to state power in this village) then you are heading for trouble. And if you get them as part of your kitchen staff chu-chu-chu and undermining spirits are expected to be high because they were trained as specialists in this area.

Their major concern is to criticize what they don’t know much about and what they know they are so corrupt to the cord.

Father asked the progressives why not one has ever made it to our village throne, and if they are honest they will tell you it is because they all have PHDs in pulling each other down. They all believed they are qualified to lead at once so one cannot rule over the other. In fact, in the so-called progressive mind it is better they all remain in opposition than supporting one up there. So if you have these kinds of people among your kitchen staff what do you expect?

Father, don’t ask me how I know because I worked with one for five years and all those years I never heard any good thing about any progressive-everything about the other person was disastrous- But they always show white teeth towards each other when they meet.  It is from this experience that I know these people are all gravy seekers. They only care about their pockets and big stomachs. And what they have done to this village is to pass their dirty traits to the younger generation, who has become experts.

Father remembered what I said about the chu-chu-chu and undermining spirits being very high among the town criers. If there is one industry in this village where envy and strive is taking its root, it is among town criers.

I remembered when we first launched our paper there were some so-called veteran town criers who should now be preparing the way for the younger generation to take over vowing that we were only going to last for six months. Some consulted other practitioners to talk to as many people as they can not to give us adverts. In fact, who does this little boy think he is to just come and jump to the scene? Those were some of their questions. Even up to date, some employees of one town crier institution are warned not to speak to people from our entity doing so will cause them their job.

Father, how do I know, because these employees say so when they meet with us in secrets.  As we speak, there are some who have barred this paper in their offices. They have even gone to the extent of telling the power that be “we will not work with you if you do business with that little boy.”  

Even in our own newsrooms, or offices, we still undermine each other. This is a virus that has been passed down by the so-called progressives who interact with some of these town criers.
To be continued

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