Lord, This Old Lady Is Bad!

Dear Father,

The thing this Old Lady doing if she doesn’t take care, she will give some of her officials stroke or hypertension oo.

What do you mean my son? Father do you know that most of the people she is yet to name are having sleepless night and besides by the time they hear or read any newspaper with “more nomination” they keep their eyes and ears glue to the paper or radio for two reasons: whether they have been retained or replaced.

I even heard one of them was admitted and has been taking drip all because he is not too sure whether he will be retained or not- and besides he has nowhere else to hustle like many of them.

You mind them my son, most of them since they left the village’s Hill of Learning the only job they have had is to work in our village council. That is why they get so worry when there is a change.

But the Old Lady sef ya, you want to tell me since last year the voting time finish up to now she na know all those she want to appoint?

Who tell you my son? The Old Lady knows exactly what she is doing. She testing the pulses of some of her people and is thinking how to break the news to them because she doesn’t want any casualty. The Old ma already knows the limitations of some of her people, so she wants to take it bit by bit.

Father that one you talk there I na agree because that the bit by bit sending some of the people on drip now. And Father you know, they have a way of telling the Old Lady that they are still around and that she should not forget. Dat way back inauguration, do you know that some of them are still sending congratulatory messages to the Old Lady by way of saying don’t forget oo, “we still around.”

How the people will not be looking for the Old Lady’s attention when she making high school graduate papy them big people around here. All the big mouth they get working in almost all the village councils he want tell us he could not use the time to go to school.

But ehn the man wife say he get masters? Wait ya Father dat the wife you will believe? The man na get nothing he just been lucky to be carrying people beg around that is how he got lucky.

Father, the Old Lady too ya, is it compensation or what? The man own people rejected him maybe after finding out that he was just a high school graduate who has refused to go back school then you come and put him there again when there are many qualified young people/

Wait now, dat sorry she sorry for him. The man can’t go look for business to do that only village council job he knows? It’s a shame.

And the man na get shame too oo, he all over the place making big mouth, shamelessly. If I were him I will go back to school like the Footballer or look for something to do.

My son maybe the Old Lady wanted to expose this man oo, so you can’t be angry like that. But the man belongs to the old order, he has no relevance in the current village council let him go back to his village and farm maybe his wife will go there and get some district commissioner job. It na force for him to be retained in the village council and above all he is na qualified.

Yes, my son you are right. The Old Lady said she was going to include qualified people from the other side. She put too much emphasis on that qualified and it is a shame for her to take one high school grandpa and put him back in our village council.

So where are we going with this generational change na, first the man is old and has stay too long in our village council and worst of all, all the time he has been enjoying free money he refused to go to school.

Me, Father, this is one appointment the Old Lady has made, I will na lie to you, I vex with her because there are so many qualified young people around for her to leave and put one grandpa who has refused to go to school there.

Father, the best thing for this old man is to go to his home town and make farm, his time in the village council has expired period. He should na come a pollute our young people by telling them you don’t need to go to the Hill of Learning to get big job in the village you must just have contacts- maintaining this old man who defeat her very purpose of quality on her kitchen. Remove this old dude ma; it is not time for sympathy!!

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