Lord, This Village Still Has A Long Way To Go!

Dear Father:

I heard that some chiefs from the Old Lady’s camp are rebelling against that camp’s interest at the Traditional Council ehn? Yes, oo, my son. But I also heard that the said chiefs are being crucified by some villagers, who think the chiefs might be rebelling because of some disagreement within their camp, is that so Father? So true my son.

If I may ask Father, what do you think is the problem because it is too early for things to be falling apart in that camp; especially at the time the Old Lady is preparing to leave the scene.

You see my son, in this village people only like to recruit allies for certain selfish aims or desires and when those selfish aims or desires are accomplished, they dumped you as if you were never a sought for by them. And so my son, you should not be the least surprise when such things are beginning to unfold within that camp. Equally so there are some allies who will like to use those connections to also keep blackmailing others.

What are you saying Father? Is it that the people within the Old Lady’s camp were only recruiting these people to use them just to hang on to village power for the next six years?

Let me put it this way my son, it is not just a problem within the Old Lady’s camp, it is a phenomenon that cut across all political, cultural and religious barriers within this village. When people know that you are for them, you become the cheapest commodity but when they know that they don’t have you, they will do all they can to win you over.

But here is the problem my son, when they have won the person over maintaining that relationship becomes a problem and therefore once their aims and objectives have been accomplished that person become a nobody to them. This is where the division and breakaways come and so don’t blame the chiefs. This is why there will always be problems and sought after allies in this village.

You are right Father; you know this is one thing I always tell most of my female friends. I usually say to them that if you meet a guy who wants to marry you and he starts showering you with gifts, let your demands be more before you get marry- because as soon as he married you, when you request for a new pair of shoes or hand bag, the first question he would ask is “what about all those shoes you got or the other bags?” Now, before you people got marry, he was always willing and looking for new ways to satisfy you.

The point here is he has gotten you and his aim has been accomplished. Therefore he needs not impress you with anything to win you over. Now, this is where if the woman is not careful she will begin to say the man used to be loving and caring but has changed.

So, Father, come to think about the issues with the Chiefs rebellion, I will say thumbs up for those chiefs. Why are you saying so my son?

Father, first of all those chiefs represent their constituencies and may be facing re-elections, therefore self interest is number one.

Secondly, when people feel that they can just use you and dump you, show them that you pose a very dangerous threat to their very interest. This is not to say you are blackmailing them, but even if people in this village say so, winning you over in the first place was also a black mail because there lot of sweet talks and fake impressions given. That is why I always tell people to treat politicians like commercial sex workers; you have no obligation after that one night stand. No wonder they say “money na hand back na ground.”

Another thing people should realize in this village is that integrity is zero. No one cares about integrity and therefore no one should be disappointed that much when people they quote unquote expect to be something turn out differently. Simply put Father, everybody is using everybody to get what they want in this village. To what extend you allow yourself to be used and come out empty handed or with something in hand depends on your ability to think outside the box.

But Father, let assumed for a second that the chiefs in question are in good standing with their camp, is it not prudent enough that they represent the interest of the village and not just the interest of few individuals within their camp? Is it wrong for them to point out issues that if not check will plunge this village into another round of bloodshed?

You know Father, even if their (chiefs)move is one that is intended to get attention from their camp, it has paid off for the entire village because chiefs from the other camps are going to jump on it. And Father our only fear is that hope they do not go underground after some closed doors meetings.

And Father, from where I sit there is a lot to be written about that particular block in question and how it is being manipulated to favor certain group.

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