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Lord, Where Are The Critics & Gossipers?

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Dear Father,

Where are the critics and gossipers? The people who had predicted our doom as if they were in charge of our destinies. The ones who had predicted that we won’t last for six months on the market, where are they?

I mean where are the critics and men who felt that they alone should dominate the industry and any other who tries to measure up should be discredited and push out. Men who feel that without them you should be reduced to rag, where are they today. Let them take a look at us and see how far we have  come with God being on our side.

Who are you talking to again my son?

Father, I am talking to the men and women who feels that others should always be subject to their wings and caprices. Everything should be for they and their families alone. They should be the ones to call the shots and be celebrated.

You know, Father, when we launched our paper some three years ago there were tongues wriggling all over the place. There were gossips, fueled by jealousy and envy, the usual crab mentality attitude that has made us to inherit this highly forested village from our fore fathers. To the point that some group of so-called senior town criers had to confront the Old Lady whether it was true that she had supported us.

They had a lot to say, so we told them to talk because they had not seen anything yet. Some had predicted that we would be on the market for six months. Those who knew that our strength is from above were even afraid of our coming on the market. They tried to put up a demonstration to turn the public against us but you can’t course who God has blessed.

Today, where are they? They should have asked us how we did it, instead they spent their valuable times, that is if they were valuable at all in gossips and blackmails while we just sail on. And to be perfectly honest Father, we know with the Old man up there being our strength the space is our limit.

Father, I tell you what we won’t do. We will not allow ourselves to be used by selfish individuals. We won’t engage in blackmail, but we will stand our position with the truth being our guide.

Now, I know there are many critics out there who want to see how things turn out today and tomorrow but I tell you what this is just the beginning. Remember what I told you earlier that the space is our limit? Sure because this is our moment and we will definitely enjoy it.

Anyway, Father, for those who have supported us over the years, we would not have come this far if they had not stood there for us and this is while we will appreciate their efforts Father.

And let me say this Father, we have more friends out there cheering us on then those who are hallucinating around here. And all we can say to them is that we will let your expectation down. We will continue to press on. Come let’s celebrate!!

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