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Lord, Who’s Crying Wolf?

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Dear Father,

So they say what is really happening in our village? Oh, I heard they say some big people then including one chief from the upper end of the Traditional Council and other big, big lieutenants from the Old Lady’s kitchen took money from one Whiteman to give him the right to come here and do some business.

One other big man who the Old Lady fini sacking ever since said when the people got to him, they told him that you, you sitting down here all the other people fini chopping their own just hold your owner lay thing and act like you na see nothing and just put your ink on this.

So how the people know na? Huh, Father dat one group of people from the Whiteman home who gave the people all the money to allow him come do some crocrogee business here. You don’t mean it? Ah, I am telling you the truth na Father.

You know in this village everybody wants some kind of signature fee before they put their ink onto anything, meanwhile, that is what they are being pay for by the poor village people.

But how they manage to catch these people here now? They say da one small boy oo. The Old Lady told him and some people to look inside the palaver and when they went to look behold, behold plenty big people hands were inside the pot.

But I learn the Old Lady did not play with those ones from her kitchen oo. Yes, oo. A friend told me the last time that the iron was coming back in the Old Lady, I did believe it until that day when the steam from her kitchen was red.

You wait ya, how the iron will not come back in the Old Lady, when she get her eyeball all over the village throne for the next term. You think the place that Old Lady is right now she will allow somebody to put sand in her gari?  The Old Lady, Father the place she is now, she is like a wounded lion seeking whom to eat up.

But if dat you sef, you think you will allow that kind of cheap penalty in your eighteen yard box, for somebody to come and score dat kind of cheap penalty on you.

The Old Lady is a real political Maradona, she knows as and when to put fire.

Father, then I really feel sorry for this other pekin who is making all these noise around here oo, because if he doesn’t take care he may likely be dropped from the dream team before the end of this first half, trust me.

Ah, but the way he is crying wolf all over the place blaming people who don’t even care about what he eats or drink that they want to see his down fall?

You mind him. Father, there are many people who can’t stand the heat but love the kitchen and that is the problem. If you know you can’t stand the heat don’t get into the kitchen.

But Father, do you know that most of the people the Old Lady say they must go to our house of justice to explain how they were able to chop some of the Whiteman’s money have started looking for Wiseman all over the place to represent them? Ah, that the Wiseman them told them to go and take money from the people and sell the village to some strangers?

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