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Lord, will he really fight corruption in our village

Dear Father:

They say you can tell a man’s thought from the way he dresses-or his thought pattern from the way he behaves. They also say that you can tell whether the market will be good from the early morning atmosphere.

And you know these saying make sense too though. This is why I get afraid when I see the people who say they want to chop president in our village supporting or taking certain positions that are against the interest of our village. But again, you are what you think.

My son what is going on in that your village again? Father, haven’t you been listening to the Footballer of late? The man has been threatening his people of late, especially those who are speaking against the stealing of our money and this has got me thinking of all these things.

What did he say again my son? Is he struggling with the usage of the words lead or led again? Father, lead or led, I would accept but the man has warned all the chiefs from his camp not to vote to remove that greedy paramount chief who has his hands in all the cookies jars around here. The man’s hands are in the oil jar, the mineral jar and so on, yet he still plies around here with blaring serene. And the funny thing is that when he is passing the little kids can shout rogue, rogue still he moves on with is blaring noise.

You don’t mean it? Ah, Father the old people can say the liar can say my witness is dead but my own is right here well and alive. So what moral lesson is he trying to teach his people? Father, the man is simply trying to tell his people that when you steal our village money you are a celebrated hero and those calling you theft should rather be punished. In other words when you steal you are labeled Big Boy 1&2.

And the most surprising thing to me is that this is a man who his people claimed is our savior. The man who they claimed knows no sin and in fact the cleanest politician of our village. The messiah that will deliver us from the corruptible hands of the power that be because he is clean-yet still he is supporting a known theft. And he sees no wrong.

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So here he is vowing to punish those that will condemn this man for his sins. But he could right too though. He could simply be telling his chiefs from the lower end of the Traditional Council like Jesus did in the Holy Bible “He that has no sin should cast the first stone.

So either ways, he is still telling his people that all of them are guilty of this man’s sin. But then this brings me to the place where I begin to wonder whether he will ever have the boils to fight corruption in our village should we put him there to lead our village.

No wonder, the man hardly speaks on anything in our village-be it economic hardship or corruption. What is he going to say in the first place? Lead or Led? So to save him the shame of being laugh at he either turns a blind eye or just become a booboo.


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