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Lord, another mediocre and hypocritical group in the making?

Dear Father:
You know, the people in our village never cease to be amazing. It is so interesting how some of them take the less important issues to the fore above the main issues of concerned.

I was listening to most of their comments the other day when our man the Footballer went to visit one of Uncle Sam’s cousins, I mean that is his familiar ground and obviously the man has some command over the way he presents himself to the public. But Father, for most of our people that was the most important thing ever that the Footballer could stand with world leaders.

Did they really think he couldn’t stand shoulder to shoulder with world leaders? But that beside the point, what is the main crux of our Footballer’s visit.
Now, Father to show how most people who claim to be loyalists to our leaders are so myopic and mediocre, the Footballer on the first two legs of his visit has been talking development and preaching how our village is broke and needs help-sound issues.

But to my greatest surprise, those who should now take the man message and try to water it down to the lay man in our village as it relates to those things that are at the heart of the survival of our people only pick the part that have to do with football.

For Christ sake, what my grandmother in my village has to do with Football or soccer? She doesn’t care about your football. All she cares about is to have a farm to market road where she can be able to sell her garden eggs and plantain, others care about factories that they can sell the fruits to for fruit juices.

If you stop just at the football news and leave the most important things out to the people and just start running with “yes, our president is doing well”, just because he had a press stakeout with another world leader, you are no different from the Pastor with one sermon every Sunday: “Run with your life, run with your life.”

Yes, we all know our man is doing well. At least majority of the people in our village knew he could do well that is why they put him there in the first place. Those who are trying to get at the level of acknowledgement are people like you now taking to social media to make it an issue. So let’s leave them there for now.

But you, who believe in him from day one, should now pass this stage. You are only being mediocre and hypocritical. Our leaders are good performers on the world stage and anyone from our village is a good performer at any level. Only fools, like those taking to social media and saying “our President is doing well” are those who think that people here have no brains or head on their shoulders.

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And this is what we do and we leave out the most important issues. The Footballer is taking about investment in food production, aviation, technology and all of that and all you can write on social media is how they are going to improve football-nonsense!
My son why are you being so hash on these people?

No, Father, if we don’t start correcting these hypocrites right now, they are going to forget the issues that matter to our village and treat this Footballer like they did the Old Lady. They are only concern about the less important issues and will leave the most important issues out as if he has done nothing.

We are not here to think whether the Footballer speaks better grammar or not. It’s not the grammar that we are after. Football is not our issue right now. The main concern of our people is getting jobs, and being able to move from one village to another and put food on their families’ table and that is the issue you should be highlighting not football.

It is the same thing that happened during the Old Lady’s administration when Uncle Sam’s President came here and pledged 5 million books, while he built an intersection bridge and supper highway in Charlie land and we are yet to learn from that.

If it is football stars you want, trust me, they are going to develop your football but you won’t be able to travel from one county to the other or you won’t even have people with the strength to play.

And you people stop making it look like the Footballer doesn’t know his left from right. “Oh our president is doing well,” with all due respect, he is not dumb! He is even smarter than some of you who think you are smarter than him. His composure is thousand times better off than many of you in the world of intelligential. Our thing is to ensure that he delivers on the most important things and those are the things we should take to social media, not how he stands with other world leaders and post for the camera. Stop being mediocre and hypocritical, you will make people miss out on the most important issues.

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