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Lord, are we really that cursed?

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Dear Father;
You know, I have really been thinking of late about my village. To tell you the truth, I have been having some sleepless nights. It may sound funny, ridiculous but that’s just the truth Father.
Hmm, what has really been playing on your mind son?

Father, you know, by all standards we are a very rich village endowed with all the natural wealth any village on this planet Earth can think of. In fact, because of our wealth, our village has been envied by some of its neighbors.
But come to think of it, how can a village so endowed with the natural gift of wealth be so poor-the poorest in the world? Are we really that cursed?
It is well my son.

No, Father, it is not well. Something must be fundamentally wrong here. And I don’t really know where we actually got it all wrong. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a curse for slaughtering our forefathers publicly in the name of corruption. Yet still corruption has become more than a vampire in our village since we slaughtered those old men on a pole.

Today, to tell you the truth, traveling around the village with the Footballer, I sometime feel ashamed of myself-that ego with which I have paraded myself over the years, not knowing part of our fiefdom still looks like the pre-civilization era-stone age to sound brutal with the truth.

So, what was our people doing for the last 170 years? Sometimes Father I figure that it’s a resource curse, but again blessings can only be turned as curse when greedy people preside over it.
That could be true my son.

Yes Father, you only see good gifts being a curse or a reason for trouble when it is not evenly distributed to benefit all. This I think is where our problems lie. The me, myself, and I forms of the English verb conjugation. No other person must benefit, you and only you should benefit.

The other day a friend of mine from Uncle Sam’s village and I were having a conversation surrounding our village and the lack of underdevelopment thereof and also how our leaders both past and present have siphoned and continue to run our village dry.

And it all came down to the lack of home training. Yes, Father, the lack of home training in our village has been one of the catalysts for the rampant corruption and abuse of power we have witnessed and continued to witness in our village-that self-discipline is lacking in every sphere of our village.

Yes, Father, that respect for other people thing is not in our gene. In fact, the people don’t have respect for self that other people they will have it for. It’s all about what I can get for myself and not what I can do for my people.
One can only be disciplined at the level when you have a home training, living in a home with your parents and siblings knowing what is yours and what is theirs and sacrificing to ensure that whatever is put on the table goes around evenly at least.

But in an environment or society wherein most of its leaders are self-read, survival of the fittest is the only discipline that is in their gene-at least, which is what they have been trained to know-get what you can get for yourself and move on.

This is so sad Father. It is very sad. A village, once a beacon of hope for the entire continent and elsewhere today lies in abject poverty with many of its people hopeless in some parts of it-surviving and just waiting to be called home by our creator, because for some there is no hope at the tunnel and yet they sit on such wealth. Where have we actually gotten it wrong Father and for how long can we continue on this path?

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